Friday, December 31, 2004

Just a quick note to wish you all a very happy healthy and prosperous New Year!! We're on our way out to go to my parents house to celebrate!!


Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hello. Well we had a really nice holiday. We went to Alan's family's house for Hanukkah on the 19th and then we had my family over for Christmas Eve. We had a really great time. We also learned that my cousin Edward and his wife Kelly are expecting their first child together and we couldn't be happier for them and the new grandparents to be!! Christmas Day we went to my cousin Colleen's house. We have spent every Christmas with them since I am born. It's a tradition now. The day after Christmas we finally got some snow. It looked so pretty. The only part that stunk after Christmas was Alan wasn't feeling well. Guess he got what I haven't been able to get rid of for over a month now. I ended up back at the doctor's he said I had acute bronchitis that was aggravating my asthma. I had to go for a chest x-ray and breathing tests along with a nebulizer treatment. I was put back on prednisone at a higher dose for another 10 days and an antibiotic so hopefully this will kill anything in my system and help me breathe better.

Today we had Colleen, Katie and Sean over for Brittany's 6th Birthday. We had lunch and a tea party and a princess birthday cake. The girls had so much fun. I will post pictures.

Tomorrow night we are going over my parents house to celebrate Ashley's birthday and Brittany's birthday along with New Years!! Should be fun. It's the first time we have gone out on New Year's Eve in a long time.

Well That's about all for now

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Today's Mood: Feeling better....Finally!

Well...I finally got myself to the doctor after being sick for almost a month. I had to be put on prednisone since I had bronchial asthma. The first dose I took started to make me feel better. Today is the third day and my head is cleared up and I am back to myself. Yey!!

Yesterday my dad stopped by and went with me to help look for our Christmas tree. I know it's a little late to start decorating but it was actually the first time I started to really get into the Christmas spirit since I hadn't been feeling well. We got a nice 6 1/2 foot tree. Tonight I will decorate with the kids. Also I got a surprise in the mail today. David got on the Woodland Middle School Scholastic Roll for the first quarter. He got a certificate mail. We are very proud of him.

Well that's about it. Now I am off to go figure out what were having for dinner tonight??? Hmmm.


Monday, December 13, 2004

Mood: Tired, sick still!!


Sorry I haven't posted the past couple of weeks. Things have been a little crazy around here and I just haven't had the time to write. I am still trying to beat this cold. I can't take it anymore. It makes my asthma worse...especially with the weather this time of year and my head is so stuffed up...yuck :o(

This past weekend we went to Milleridge Inn to celebrate Michelle's Birthday. I will try to get a few pictures up. It was really nice. The Christmas carolers were there going from room to room in the resturant. It was nice when they stopped to sing Happy Birthday to Michelle. We also got the chance to go by the EAB Christmas tree. It is actually bigger than the 70 Feet Tall Rockerfeller Chirstmas tree this year standing at 90 feet tall!!

Next Saturday night we plan on going to the 5th annual Jones Beach holiday light show. It's a light show that you drive through and at the end you get out of your car and visit with Santa, have some hot coco, etc. This will be the first time I am going to see it but from what I am told it is really nice.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Hey...Well Thanksgiving was very nice. My sister Michelle and her roommate LeeAnne did Thanksgiving this year since they just got a new apartment.

I was not one of the brave souls to get up and shop on black Friday. I just don't see the point. I did get out to a craft fair at church on Saturday with my mom and Aunt Frannie. We also went to the mall and did a little shopping. The mall wasn't too bad.

Sunday I just relaxed...I am having a hard time shaking this darn cold. I feel good one day and the next like cr*p! It's anoying. Also Sunday, Kaylee my youngest, decided to stick her mouth on the freezer door and got her mouth stuck and then pulled her lips off the ice and ripped her upper lip open. We can laugh now but at the time she was in alot of pain. She told me she is never doing that again. God only knows what on earth she was thinking when she did that.

Today I ran and did a little food shopping and finished up some paperwork I have been negelecting. I also just got finished watching my Monday night favorite shows 7th Heaven, Everyone Loves Raymond, Two and a half men and CSI: Miami. First time I got to watch them on the actual nite they were on. Ususally, I have to tape everything and watch here and there during the week. It's just hard with the kids getting them to bed but tonight everyone just went to bed early. So I got to enjoy a quiet evening.

Well I am finally off to bed. TTFN!!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Today was so nice wow...71 degrees!! Which probably explains why I am coming down with a cold and so is the rest of the family. One day it's freezing the next day it's warm. It hit me last night sore throat, stuffed up head. Yuck!! But do you think that means I got to stay in bed today and rest....of course not. By the way... I am out of the splint. My hand still looks pretty bruised but it feels much better.

Brittany who's in kindergarten was in a Thanksgiving Day pageant at her school. They were so cute. Dressed as Indians and pilgrims and singing songs. I am going to post pictures later tonight if I am up to it.

I also heard some good news about Ronnie. I heard that he is going to Fort Dix in New Jersey until December 20th when he will be deployed to Iraq. It just stinks that he is leaving right before Christmas. But everyone is happy that Fort Dix will be closer to home so that he will be closer to family. Maybe he will even be able to come home for Thanksgiving.

Well I am off to finish cooking my spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight. I also want to see Medical Investigation on NBC. I just starting watching that show a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty good.

Bye for now... :o)

Monday, November 15, 2004

Hello All,

Well ... I did it again. I managed to hurt my hand again. I am now in a hand/thumb splint. I went to the orthopedic today to have it x-rayed. Thankfully it was not broken. I don't think I could stand being in a cast again. I feel like I am an accident waiting to happen. Oh well. There are much worse things that could happen.

I forgot to say last time I posted that my mom took the kids and I to see "The Polar Express" It was a really nice Christmas movie. The kids loved it!!

Well got to keep it short. I have to make dinner and help Brittany with a maccoroni necklace that she has to have done for Wednesday. She is in a little Thanksgiving pagent at school.

TTFN! :o)

Friday, November 12, 2004


Today was one of those wet dreary days here on Long Island. I basically stayed home and didn't do too much today except some cleaning, laundry...etc.

I heard from Ronnie today. He got the package we sent him on Tuesday (the medal and the brownies) He said he really liked the new medal and him and some buddies enjoyed the brownies I sent. He said it was a nice surprise. He sounded good except he said he was just getting over a cold. He said once one person in his group got it so did everyone else. Right now he is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in MO. He said he will be there till at least next Friday a little longer than first expected. He is hoping to be transferred to Fort Dix in New Jersey since it is so close to Long Island and at least there is a chance of him seeing his family before he is deployed at the beginning of January.

I also started a support page for Ronnie (look under the menu on the left) when you click on his picture you can leave him a message. It does take up to 24 hours for your message to post to the site because it has to be approved to prevent unwanted postings. If he is unable to get to a computer I will be printing the messages out and sending them to him. Please take the time to send him any words of encouragement or support.

Other than that... everything else here is pretty quiet. I am off to bed. Good Night!! :o)

Tuesday, November 9, 2004


Yesterday, Brittany went back to school. She is feeling much better. Took David to the orthodontist yesterday. He had his back braces put on. He said there not too comfortable. I had to purchase a new pair of glasses today. I lost mine a couple of weeks ago when we had the send off party for Ronnie. I took them off and never saw them again. I have torn my house, my car, and my moms house (where we had the party) apart and they are just no where to be found. I wonder if someone picked them up thinking it was their glasses. Who knows. It's just frustrating.

My mom took Kaylee for me yesterday so that I could take David to the orthodontist. The had to go shopping. It seems the St. Christopher medal that she bought for Ronnie fell off the chain. Ronnie didn't even notice till he got back from a full day of training and was taking off his boots and the medal was in his boot. He said he never felt it. My mom said maybe it was meant to be and that he should just leave that one in the boot. So she went and bought him a new medal. It has a longer chain and is made with St. Christopher on one side and the Army insignia on the other. She also made sure that she got the medal sodered onto the chain so that it doesn't fall off again. I told her I would have Alan mail it out for him today along with some brownies that I heard he was asking for. Here is the picture of the new medal front & back.

Today it is so cold. It's 35F. right now. I am going to make a nice beef stew. Kaylee started coming down with what I think Brittany had. She is sleeping now. Her poor little nose is all red. Guess it's just that time of year for all the colds.

Bye :o)

Sunday, November 7, 2004


Well since Brittany is still home sick (she is feeling much better) we didn't get out at all this weekend except for Alan, he went to his friends house tonight to watch the Pay-Per-View WWE wrestling event.

David and Kaylee just played in the yard with Dexter. Dexter was an outdoor stray that we took in so he enjoys going outside once and a while. I think he just enjoys getting some fresh air and laying in the grass.

I got up this morning and cooked a nice big breakfast/ favorite craker barrel bacon, cracker barrel pancakes and scrabled eggs. After I got a huge cleaning bug so I ended up pulling apart my dining room....then my whole living room and then started cleaning out all the drawers in my kitchen. Lets just say I started at 12 noon and I didn't finish until about 10 pm. It's so nice to have everything nice and organized. It's so hard to do with the kids.

Well I am off to bed...night all!! :o)

Saturday, November 6, 2004


Took Brittany to the doctor's this morning. She hasn't been in school since Monday. She has had a cold and fever and last night she started coughing. The doctor said she had bronchitis and a sinus infection and a little fluid in her ears. She put her on an antibiotic so hopefully she is feeling better soon!

Today we just stayed in and relaxed. Doesn't happen too often. I had some laundry to catch up on anyways. Alan also got a copy of the Incredibles so I guess we will watch that later. David just saw it last night when he went out with his friends. He said it was really good.

Well I am off to make dinner. Bye! :o)

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Happy Election Day!

There was no school today. I guess that worked out well since all my children woke up with colds today. I have been passing out the cough medicine and the tylenol .... sigh...

Ronnie's party went well. Carol emailed everyone with an update on Ronnie and an address to write him. He is doing well but a little homesick. If by some chance you did not receive the update please email me and I will send you a copy.

David, Brittany and Kaylee enjoyed their Halloween. They were in the North Massapequa Fire Department Rag-A-Muffin Parade. They had a great time!! After the parade the kids rested a bit and then we went out trick or treating for a while. Brittany was Cinderella, Kaylee was Snow White and David was a pirate. He looked pretty scary.

I took pictures from both events and will have them up as soon as I can I promise.

Have a great day .... Don't forget to vote today!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Hello All!!

Wow it's starting to feel like fall and the leaves are just starting to change.

Running around with the kids with school and activities has kept me quite busy. David is doing well in school and Brittany just loves kindergarten. Kaylee just loves having me all to herself all afternoon. As for Alan, he has been busy working in the store as usual.

We have enjoyed going to a few craft/harvest fairs the past few weeks and this Sunday we are going to take the kids out on eastern Long Island to go apple picking and pumpkin picking. It's something we like to do every year with them. I'm sure I will have pictures up.

In a couple of weeks, Oct 23rd we are going to have a little send off party for my cousin Ronnie. He is in the Army Reserves. He was called to active duty for at least a year and will most likely be going to Iraq. Please keep him in your daily prayers that he stays safe and returns home quickly.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Questions For October 5th
Java Junkies

1. Coffee: Decaf or HighTest?: Got to have HiTest!!
2. How do you feel about the funky flavored ones?: I like International Delights French Vanilla
3. Latte or Cappachino?: I like both!!
4. With or without a wee shot of Baileys or Kaluha (muwhaaa)?: Never actually tried that but I just bought a bottle of Kaluah so I will have to give that a whirl.
5. How do you take your cup 'a joe?: Either light and sweet or with International Delights French Vanilla

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Here is Tuesday's Chick Chat Back 2 School

1. Were you sad or psyched to send the kids back?: I guess a little of both. Brittany started kindergarten so I was a little sad. David started Middle school so I was excited for him.

2. Do your kids buy or bring there lunches?: My son hates school lunch. He always brings his lunch.

3. Do you let your daughter where make-up to school?: Not at that point in life yet.

4. What was your favorite year in school (ie: 1st grade/Senior Year)?: I would have to say my senior year since I know it was my last.

5. Did you love school as a child or despise it?: I enjoyed it more when I was in grade school.
Hello... I'm up a bit late tonight. Now 1:20 in the morning. I just can't sleep. I have had the worst headache since yesterday. I think it is my sinuses. Maybe allergies. Just wish it would go away. This week has been busy getting back into the swing of things with school starting. This past Saturday we went to a surprise birthday party for my Aunt Betty and Aunt Frannie at my cousin Colleen's house. We tricked them by telling each of them it was a surprise party for the other person. Aunt Betty thought it was for Aunt Frannie and Aunt Frannie thought it was a surprise for Aunt Betty. When they showed up and we yelled surprise they were both going no it's for you until they realized that is was for both of them. I think they were very happy and surprised to say the least. Check out the pictures in the photo album section.

This week has also been rather interesting. It seems my husband made friend with a stray cat that has been around our house for a couple of weeks. He has grown very attached and now so have I and the rest of the family. He is a male calico like my other two cats. The poor thing is so tattered looking and very skinny. He is missing the bottom right fang (tooth) don't know what happened there. He also has some trouble with his hind legs. I have never seen him run. So I don't know if he was in an accident, hit by a car or what. He spends 90% of the day on our doorstep and wants to come in so badly. We have been feeding him twice a day. He is so friendly, mellow and just seems to want some love and attention. He also needs a bath terribly. Alan and I talked and we decided that we would take him to Island Rescue in Bayshore on Wednesday to have him checked out. If all goes well we would like to have him in our home. I don't think any animal deserves to have been treated like the way this cat was treated. He deserves a home and a family to love him. I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe it was no mistake he showed up at our door. I only hope and pray he is ok. I also hope that my cats, Misty and Mandee are able to accept him into the home too. Any suggestions from anyone on how to do this would be appreciated. I know it will take alot of time to adjust. Anyways...David came up with a name for him. I don't know if it fits him or not just yet but right now it is "Dexter" Who knows maybe we'll change it but for now at least we're calling him something. Here is a few pictures taken tonight.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Well tried to write this yesterday but the blog service went down and I lost my whole post so here I go again.

Sorry for the lack of posting but it's been a busy 10 days. It was Kaylee's 4th birthday on Aug. 31st. We took her to White Post Farms and out to dinner for her birthday. She had a nice time. We went to Pottery Barn Kids and bought her a new quilt for her bed, the lamp shade, and some other deco stuff to go with it. She ended up loving the new anywhere chairs that Pottery Barn Kids has so I bought her one for her room. What is nice about those chairs is you can change the slipcover if you change the color of the room or the decor. She loves sitting in it and we call it her reading chair.

Also my camera was on the blink (mind you it was 4 years old) and very well used. So I finally bought the camera I was looking at the Kodak DX7590. It just came out. I couldn't find it in the stores yet but Dell had it and I had some coupons from them and ended up saving $90 off the regular price. I was happy. I just got the camera yesterday so maybe I'll get to play around with it today.

David and Brittany started school. David started middle school (6th grade). He said it is different but he likes it so far. Brittany and I went to her orientation to Kindergarten yesterday. She is so excited. Today is her first real day of school. So it's just me and Kaylee in the afternoons for a couple of hours. Can't believe Kaylee will be going to school next March. Time surely flies.

Well better get to cleaning and laundry.. Yippie!!

Here is Tuesday's Chick Chat (a couple of days late of course)


1. Favorite Animal?: I would say cats

2. What makes the best pet (kids don't count!)?: Cat's are pretty easy. Not high maintence.

3. If you were an animal what would you be?: Either a house cat or dog.

4. What are your Pet's Names?: I have 2 cats Misty and Mandee

5. Ever called your child a 'Monkey Butt' or another animal name?: No but my cousin Colleen calls my son "Pookie-Bear"

Here's Pictures of my Cats.....

Monday, August 30, 2004

Well today was another muggy day. Yuck. I can't stand the humidity.

Happy Birthday to Carol!! (my cousin)

Watched the movie "Laws of Attraction" last night with Alan. It was good.

Today I just stayed home. I ended up talking to my sister for 3 hours on the phone. Mind you we only live about 6 miles apart. I should of just had her over for lunch. She has been home for the last week on workers' comp due to a shoulder injury. She is not used to not working.

I also did some paperwork that needed to be done for David to enter middle school. Tomorrow is his orientation. Then he has a orthodontist appointment. Kaylee's birthday is also tomorrow so we were planning on taking her to White Post Farms but it looks as though it will be raining so we will have to think of something else to do that is fun for a 4 year old. I was thinking of an indoor amusement place like Jillians or maybe just take her shopping for something. I know she loves Toys R Us....what kid doesn't. We'll see what happens.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

We had a little family birthday party with my parents, sisters and my niece Ashley on Saturday. Kaylee had a blast. She was so cute. She got a DVD player for her room from her godmother (Michelle). She was so excited. She also loved all the clothes she got and the doll and microphone too. It was nice just having a quite little gathering.

Today I just cleaned up a bit and relaxed. David wanted to look for something so I drove him over to Wal-Mart. Then Alan called me and asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. So I called my parents and they said they could watch the kids. We ended going to CharlieBrowns (where I went last week with the girls) It was much busier tonight but we had a good time. It gave us a chance to talk which has been hard lately to do at home with the kids running around all the time. On the way home we picked up a movie at Blockbuster ... Laws of Attraction. I hope it is good. We are going to watch in in a little bit as soon as Alan gets back from 7-11 (he ran out to get a money order for some eBay thing).

Well I'll let you know how the movie was. TTFN!!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Hello. Wow a bit muggy today!! Didn't realize that till stepping outside a little while ago. Thank god for central air. I am cleaning yet again. Decided to clean Brittany's room and closet. Had to start making room for some new school clothes for her.

Tomorrow I am having my parents over for dinner. We are going to celebrate Kaylee's 4th Birthday (which is actually on Aug 31st.) I decided to make a turkey with mashed potatoes, vegetables, etc. If time allows me tonight I want to bake her a birthday cake. If not then Carvel or Baskin and Robbins here I come. I really prefer a homemade cake though. I was never too thrilled with bakery cakes except for a bakery in Queens that my aunt and uncle picked up a strawberry shortcake with fresh whip cream. God that was good.

Other than that all else is quiet here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What a nice day today. The weather is beautiful. To bad I am stuck in the house most of today just trying to clean and get this house straightened out. Yesterday we had the wall border put up in our bathroom. It came out really nice. It's a nice change from what I had.

Tonight I am going out to dinner with my friend Alison and my sister Michelle. We're trying a restaurant called Charlie Brown's in Garden City. Alison went there and said it was good and Michelle lives just a few blocks from there.

Here is Tuesday's Chick Chat (a day late of course)


1. Do you see the Dr. right away when you feel icky?: No not really unless I am really sick.
2. Does the world revolve around you until you feel better?: I wish. Doesn't happen when you have 3 kids and a husband.
3. Favorite "Feel Better" Food?: Toast with butter and grape jelly and a nice cup of tea.
4. Did your mom do something special when you were sick as a child?: My mom is a nurse and always had and still has a great bedside manner. She always did everything she could to make us feel better.
5. Are you a whiner?: I'd like to say not but when your sick and you can't rest because you are doing stuff you shouldn't be in that condition other people in this house would say I can get cranky/wine.

Monday, August 23, 2004

The past few days has been quite crazy and sad. Friday we went to the funeral of Uncle Phil. It was so sad. His three sons got up and spoke about their dad and it brought tears to our eyes as well as theirs as they tried to make it through what they had wanted to say. At the cemetery, Uncle Phil was buried right next to Alan's Dad and Mom and Grandparents as the plots are right next to each other. After the service at the cemetery, we stayed behind for a few minutes to show the children where their grandma and grandpa along with their great-grandma and great-grandpa were buried. It was a little hard to explain. David thought it was weird to see his name on a headstone (David is named after his grandpa). We had the children place stones on each of the headstones. We then joined the family back at Aunt Mary's house. It was so good to see everyone again since it had been such a long time. I just wish it was under better circumstances.

Saturday my Mom and Aunt Tootsie had returned from their vacation with the sisters upstate. We went to visit since Aunt Tootsies plane wasn't due to leave until 7:15 pm. (of course it ended up not leaving till 9:30 pm) We also ordered lunch from Lisa's and my dad and I ran out to pick it up when it started to downpour. Just as I got in front of the pizza place I saw a white truck pulling out from Pine Street in front of an on coming motorcycle and wham hit him and he went skidding down Broadway almost 3/4 of the way to the next corner. I called 911 right away as my dad jumped out the the car and ran across the street to see if the man on the motorcycle was ok. The police and ambulance got there and the man on the motorcycle seemed to be ok except for the scraped up arm and leg from scrapping across the road when he was knocked off the bike. He got up and was very upset. I say he was lucky to be alive. I couldn't believe he got up. That had to be one of the worst things I have ever seen happen.

Sunday we went to sit Shiva with Aunt Mary and her family (they decided not to sit all week because it would be too much) so this would be the last day. My mom came with Alan, me and the kids. It was nice to see everyone again and to talk to Aunt Mary. The girls enjoyed spending time with their cousins. We drove my mom home and then went home. Alan and I just relaxed for a bit and ended up watching a movie. I never made it to the end. I don't think he did either.

Today I have a doctor's appointment so I will be dropping the kids off with my mom for a little bit since the doctor is right down the road from her house.

Well that's all for now....

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Well had a busy couple of days. Been doing alot of cleaning, laundry, etc. Been working on redoing our bathroom. I am doing a nautical theme. We had the bathroom painted and I put up some nautical items and a nice window shelf. I just have to get the wallborder up. Looks good though. I am still working on completing my computer room (another room I have to put wall border up in) so hopefully this week the desk will be delivered.

Today Alan found out his Uncle Phil had passed away early this afternoon. He had been sick for sometime. Alan only talked to him in the hospital a few weeks ago. Alan went right from work to spend some time with his Aunt Mary (Uncle Phil's wife). He will be buried on Friday so we will be going to the funeral. Alan also called his sister Carol. He was very happy to finally talk with her. She lives in Vegas with her husband and Alan and her haven't seen or spoken to each other for quite some time. I guess they just drifted apart for whatever reason. I know Alan was very happy to speak with her again. Maybe we can plan a trip out there sometime in the future. We've always wanted to go to Vegas.

Well off to bed I go. I have an early dentist appointment tomorrow.

Here is Tuesday's Chick Chat (a day late of course)

Health Nut

1. Soy Milk or Cow Milk? cows Milk
2. Veggie Burger or Mooo, I mean Meat? Mooo - Meat definitely didn't like veggie burgers.
3. Have you ever had a piece of cake and considered it breakfast? Never had cake but maybe a quick cookie if I was on the run.
4. Do Carbs Rock Your World? I hate to admit but I do eat alot of carbs. I have tried Atkins and lost some weight but I couldn't stay on it.
5. What's the longest you've gone without weighing yourself? Well right now I haven't weighed myself in at least 3 months. I guess it's denial.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Light Rain/75F

Couldn't really sleep last night. Just one of those nights I guess. I just kept tossing and turning. I have lots to do today. Just started laundry and now off to clean the rest of the house.

I know this is late....Tuesdays....Chick Chat

Old School Love...

1. Who Was Your Big High School Crush? I had a few high school crushes
2. Your First True Love? Definately my husband Alan. I met him a year after high school.
3. First Kiss? Was when I played spin the bottle at a party when I was in 7th or 8th grade
4. Your First (ahem!) Time? With Alan (my husband)
5. The One That Got Away? Never felt like that with anyone

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Well the Rush concert turned out to be really good. It went on as scheduled despite the rain and thunder which by 8 p.m. was not too bad at all. In fact, it rained for about the first half hour of the show and the rest it was nice. Alan and I had a great time and the seats were great! This is the 4th time we have seen them. The do put on a great show. My mom was nice to watch the kids for us overnight so we could go and not have to worry about picking up the kids late at night. It was so quiet when we got home. Not used to that at all. But it was nice.

Alan and I got up early and went to IHOP for breakfast and ran some errands. Michelle ended up stopping by and her and I ended up going shopping. I am looking into getting another camera so I was looking at the Kodak's. I will probably wait until September since there is a new model the DX7590 coming out then that I like alot plus it will give me some time to save for it. Here's a picture of it

I ended up purchasing another handset to the panasonic phone we got so that David had a phone in his room and I could intercom him downstairs instead of the old way of screaming.....DAVID!! from the top of the stairs. Hopefully that works out.

Later on Michelle and I went and picked up the kids ate dinner and came home. I have been out so much lately the house has be really neglected. So Friday I have alot of cleaning and laundry to do. Well, that's really it for today.

Here's My THURSDAY'S TATTLE (from Kathleen's Chatter)

Week Forty Seven.....Purses

Do you carry a purse? Yes

Is your purse strap long or short? Long

Is your purse big or small? Small...I don't like carrying alot around

Is it neat and organized or full of stuff that shouldn't even be in there? Usually neat since I don't carry much.

Have you ever forgot your purse at a store or any place at all? Oh yea...the worst was when I left it on The Cat In The Hat ride at Universal Studios and I didn't realize it was missing till I went to pay the bill at the Hard Rock Cafe. I ran back to the park and it was closed and convinced security to open the gate and let me in. Thankfully some honest person turned my bag in and nothing was taken especially since I did have $600 in it at the time. That would of made for a terrible ending to my vacation.

When shopping for purses do you have a hard time finding exactly what you want? Don't really shop for them that much. If I happen to find one I like I will buy it.

How much is the most you have ever spent on a purse? My two coach bags which were about $185. One in brown and one in black.

Is your husband allowed to go into your purse? I don't have anything to hide it doesn't bother me. He doesn't usually do that though unless he is looking for my keys or something. He always asks first though.

Does your husband ever ask you to put things in your purse so as he doesn't have to carry anything like his cell phone or sunglasses? Sometimes

If he does ask you to do that does it drive you nuts? Well it doesn't drive me nuts it mostly drives him a little nuts since my bag usually isn't big enough to put his items in there anyways.

Are you happy with your current purse or are you in need of a new one? Happy at the moment.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Hello, It's been a busy couple of weeks. Alan, me, my mom and the kids drove down to Virginia Beach the last week of July. We stayed at my Aunts house. I haven't been there since I graduated high school which was 16 years ago....yikes!! Doesn't seem that long ago. We went to Busch Gardens, Virgina Aquairium, and did some shopping at the outlets. We had a great time.

We also had this past Saturday a memorial for my Aunt Janet who passed away a couple of months ago. My cousin Tony did the service and his wife Penny sang the Lords Prayer so beautifully. It was nice to have a service done by someone who actually knew Aunt Janet very well. Then Tony had asked everyone in the room if they wanted to share anything they wanted about Aunt Janet and a few people got up and shared the way Aunt Janet had touched there lives. I guess I was too nervous. But if I had had the courage to get up I would of wanted to say that I was greatful that she helped my parents in purchasing her home on Long Island. I don't think that I or my family would of had the same quality of life if we lived in Queens. It's amazing how something that didn't seem like that big of a deal when I was a kid is now. They say everything happens for a reason.

Today Alan and I are going to see the band Rush at Jones beach. The only problem with that is the weather. The concert is outdoors and the weather outside doen't look too good at all in fact it is thundering right now. If it thunders they ususally delay the concert or cancel it since they play right on the water.

I am going to try to get the many pictures I have from vacation up sometime this week.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hello,  had a nice weekend.  Went to Michael's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday.   Had a great time.   I posted pictures in the photo album.   

Anyways... finally got the new computer.   It's  a Dell XPS Pentium4 HT /   3.2GHz / 1  Gig of memory.   Nice and fast!!   When I get back from vaction I plan on getting a nice desk and finish setting up my new computer room.

Tonight Alan is having some friends over to watch TNA Wrestling on Pay-Per-View.    I have to run out in a few minutes to get some goodies for them to snack on. 

This Sunday we are leaving on our first road trip in the new Sienna.   Have to remember to bring lots of movies for the kids to watch in the car.   We are going to Virginia Beach.  We plan on going to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg  (I haven't been there since 1988) and some other places we are not sure of yet.  We're playing it by ear at the moment.  Should be fun though.

I will write again when we get back and post lots of pictures from our trip!!


Monday, July 5, 2004



The 4th of July party was very nice. Everyone had a great time. I posted pictures Camera in my photo album.

I just got a email confirmation that part of my computer Computer shipped on July 3rd so today I am going to Cleaning Windows spend doing some more cleaning in the room I want to use as my new computer room. Hopefully I can get most of it done today. I also have plenty of Laundrylaundry to catch up on.

ByeTa Ta For Now

Sunday, July 4, 2004

Happy Hat

I have had a busy week. I have been busy cleaning out the room for the new computer and new desk. The room I am putting it in has alot of toys and boy do kids have so many toys!! *UGH* Where to put them all is the question.

Superhero 6My mom and I took the kids out Wednesday to see Spiderman 2. This is Brittany's favorite movie. She couldn't wait to see it. It was also the first movie we ever took her and Kaylee to. She couldn't believe how big that TV (movie screen) was as she put it. Kaylee also went and for a 3 year old she was perfect not a peep out of her the whole movie. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't sure she was ready to go and sit for 2 hours with out a fuss. She sure proved me wrong.

Friday I went out with my friend Alison. We went shopping and then out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.

Saturday was Free Comic Book day in the store so David went with Alan to help with the busy crowd. I stayed home and washed the Sienna while the girls played in the yard. Then the girls and I picked David up later in the day and went over to my parents house for a swim. Later on in the evening David and I went over to Eisenhower Park to see the annual 4th of July fireworks. It was beautiful.

FireworksToday we are off to Conneticut to celebrate the 4th of July at my cousins home! I will post pictures tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Today was fairly quiet. David and I went to my mom's this morning for lunch. The girls stayed home with Alan since he had some work to catch up on. I came home and did a little cleaning and then my friend Alison stopped by for a quick visit. I guess you can say not too eventful of a day.

I found some pictures I took on Father's Day. I will try to get them up later or tomorrow.

Oh and if you stop by for a visit to my site please use the tag me link on my site and leave me a little note so I know you stopped by.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Well was a crazy couple of days. First off David's graduation went so nicely. He even got a United States Presidental Achievement Award. I posted new pictures in the photo album section.

Second, my computer is fried.**GRRR@#!*** My wonderful husband decided to start shutting off the power from the fuse box with out shutting down the computer first. I guess the surge protector didn't do it's job. So needless to say the computer motherboard got fried. I first thought it was a hard drive issue and tried removing and putting in another hard drive but that didn't work. I changed the jumper cables, nothing worked. Then when I tried my hard drive in my sons computer it worked so all signs pointed to something on the main board. Today I ordered a new computer. This time I am trying Dell (after having had 3 Gateways) I ordered the Dimension XPS Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology 3.2GHz w/800MHz FSB/ 1MB cache. It also has 1GB of memory so that should serve me well for a while. I won't have it for about 10 days. Enough time to get rid of the old computer and move my office to another room. Right now I am sharing my husbands laptop with him till I get up and running fully again. I am grateful I have something.

Oh and I almost forgot....I got my cast off today!! Yippie. I do have a funky tan line on my arm but who cares I can move my hand and wrist again!! It's still a little sore but I have to get the muscles streched out again and I am sure it will be good as new!!

Till tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Mostly Sunny

Today started out gloomy but now the sun is out. I sure hope it it will be shining on Saturday when we have David's graduation celebration. We are having it at my parents house. They have an inground pool and it would be nice if people could swim that day. The actual graduation ceremony Smiley Universityis on Thursday. I will post pictures of course.

Well got to get some cleaning and laundry finished today. The fun never ends!!

Here's my Chick Chat for Tuesday...sorry a day late!

Chick Chat

1. What's your favorite kind of cheese?:
I would have to
say Land O' Lakes Yellow American

2. Cheeseburger or Hamburger?: Hamburger. I do not
like meat and cheese together.

3. Feta Cheese: Yummy or Yucky?: Feta....Yucky!

4. Pizza w/ extra cheese or regular cheese?: It
depends mostly regular though.

5. How do you feel about 'From-Under-Cheese'?: From
under where??? No thanks!!

Thursday's Tattle -

Easiest In Your Opinion

What is the easiest thing to make for breakfast?
What is the easiest thing to make for lunch? Sandwich, turkey, bologna, etc.
What is the easiest thing to make for dinner? Ziti just boil the pasta & add sauce
What is the easiset thing to clean? my hands
What is the easiest errand to run? Going to the Dairy Barn for milk, etc. (a drive thru place where you can get bread, milk, etc.)
What is the easiest thing to fold? Napkin

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Father's Day 2

Hello. Well I am almost done updating my website with the new graphics. I just have to finish with some graphics on the photo album pages and then finish my family recepie section.

Saturday, I woke up early and went to the Seaford craft fair. Later that afternoon I went shopping with my mother to get father's day gifts for my husband and my dad. Alan never tells me what he wants so I just ended up buying him clothes...he needed them anyways. I ended up buying my dad a mita saw that he had his eye on.

Today we are going over to my mom and dad's to have a barbeque. The weather is really nice today hot and sunny so I am sure the kids will enjoy swimming in the pool.

Well I better go get the kids together. Bye οΊ•

Saturday, June 12, 2004

In The Pool

Hello all!

What a nice weekend! The weather is just perfect outside today. We barbequed lunch and I washed the car. The kids are having a great time in the pool. Tonight Alan got a couple of movies to watch. Riddick, Raising Helen, Harry Potter and Garfield. Don't know which one we'll see first.

Anyways...Monday I am supposed to go to the orthopedic to see about having my cast removed. I sure hope so I can't take it anymore. I think it is alot better. I can move my fingers a better without the pain.

David made out very well getting his braces though he is a litte sore.

Not too much else going on.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Happy Anniversary

Hello. I haven't blogged in a while. Just really haven't had a chance. Today Alan and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. I Can't believe how fast time flys!! I've known Alan since a year after I graduated from High School. We met in a supermarket. We married on May 26, 1991. We'll today he's got something up his sleeve. As I was typing this the florist showed up with this most beutiful arrangement. With lots of anatheriums (tropical heart shaped favorite).
Flowers Alan sent me

The card said : Be ready to go out at 5 p.m. so I wonder what his plans are. He even got my mom to babysit later. He is really something. I feel bad he has been doing so much for me. Especially since I broke my right hand (yes I am a righty) a couple of weeks ago and I am in a cast. He has taken on alot of my chores ...especially dishes with no complaints. He works so hard with our comic book store and his job at UPS. I don't know how he does it all.

David is getting closer to his graduation from elementary school. Theater Today he went on a trip to see the broadway play "42nd Street" with his class.

Brittany and Kaylee are doing well. Brittany just graduated from Pre-K on May 19th. She misses going to school now. Kaylee is still doing very well since her open heart surgery in October.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Mostly Sunny

Sorry I haven't been very active with posting I have been running around to the dentist Dentist a lot and this past Saturday I had to go for oral surgery on the upper left and right side of my mouth. My face is swollen like a chipmunks and I can't eat anything unless it is mushy or can be sipped through a straw. I can't open my mouth because it hurts terribly but I am on vicodin which helps the pain but puts me to sleep and makes me groggy. I tried just using tylenol but it doesn't do much to help with the pain. There are a lot of stiches in there. Alan has been great helping me out and making me feel comfortable. I am so greatful to have him in my life! He has been doing so much running around for me. My parentes were a great help also they took the kids for me Saturday and Sunday so that I could rest. That was a great help also. I can't remember when I just got to lay in bed for two days and enjoy the peace and quiet. It was weird.



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