Friday, February 27, 2004


Today it is beautiful out. Nice and sunny!! Just makes you wish for spring even more. Not to much going on the last couple of days....guess that is a good thing. I just got back from looking for a new pair of glasses. I mostly need them for distance and especially driving at night. I had went last night to Cohen's in Sunrise Mall but the selection was just plain horrible. So I called up the insurance company and told them how bad they were and then they gave me another $50 plus the $180 I already had from the insurance to pick out another pair. I thought that was very fair. I went to General Vision in Hicksville and they had such a much better selection. I was in and out in 10 minutes. I have to bring my son David back when he gets home from school. I want him to have a nice pair of glasses. I don't want him looking nerdy or anything whatever it costs. It's hard enough in school without having that hanging over your head.

As far as me being on the Atkin's diet the first week went very well. I am down 10 lbs in one week!! Yay!! It's really not to bad. I would say the first 3 days are the hardest to least it was for me. I am doing the Walk Away The Pounds tapes by Leslie Sansone. They are fun and really do work. Maybe when the weather warms up a bit I can take some walks down on the boardwalk at Jones Beach.

Well I am going to run...I have a few more errands to run and Alan will be home in a few minutes. Bye :O)

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