Sunday, February 1, 2004

Today woke up early and went out for bagels. It seems warmer though it's only 30 degrees out. LOL. Anyways stopped by and brought my parents bagels and had to load some software on my sisters computer for a friend of hers. I am going out with one of my friends Alison for dinner tonight. Guess we'll have to stay away from the sports bar places considering it is superbowl Sunday...yippie.... Don't really care too much for football. Thank god Alan isn't a sports nut. He's staying home today watching the kids so that I can go out tonight. Well that's it for now .... will try to write later.


Just got back from going out with Alison. She took me out to the Outback for dinner for my birthday. We had a really nice time. She also gave me a very sweet gift. It was a picture frame with the word "friends" on it with pictures of us taken through the years. It was really very touching. Alison and I have know each other now since 1980. You can say we've been through alot together. She truly is a forever friend.

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