Monday, February 9, 2004

Weekend was pretty busy...Saturday was spent running around. Got up early and went for a haircut then ran home and picked up David and took him to the barber for a haircut also. Then I ran home picked up the girls -- Alan left for work -- and I took David over to my sister Lisa's because she and Billy were taking Ashley and David to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City for the day. He had a great time!! Then I did some shopping in the afternoon with the girls. Decided to go and buy their Easter dresses and shoes. The're so funny picking out shoes. I think we tried on every shoe they had!! That evening Alan I and the kids went to my sister Michelle's little dinner party that her and her best friend LeeAnne hosted. We had a great time!

Sunday we went to Heather's 30th Surpirse Birthday party. It was held at Maguires Ale House in Bayside, Queens. (See the pictures in the Photo Album) It was funny we were all getting ready to yell surprise as we were waiting for her to come in the door and she ended up coming in another door and walking up behind all of us!! Then we were all surprised!! LOL!! So she was sent back out to come in the way we expected her to to begin with. Everything was great from there!! So needless to say we all had a bit of a surprise. The food was good and it was nice seeing everyone again! Went home that evening and just relaxed got the kids to bed early and watched American Pie 3 with Alan. Today I have a ton of cleaning to do around the house. God it piles up in just a few days!! The kids put there stuff all over the place it drives me crazy. LOL!!

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