Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Wow what a day today. I had to take my new Sienna Limited into Bayridge, Brooklyn today (where I bought the car) to have the upgraded navigation software installed and to fix a trim piece that was scratched when I bought the car. Well I drive 50 minutes there and all they were able to do is install the navigation software. The trim piece they ordered was incorrect it was for the lower end model without the chrome trim. Ugh.. so now I have to make another trip back in there another day in the next couple of weeks to have it fixed again. The service manager said he would throw in a free oil change to compensate for me having to drive all the way back there again. So that said and done I start driving back home to Long Island.

On the way home I decided to stop at Creative Car Wash near my home to get my car washed.....what a mistake that would turn out to be.....everthing was going well until one of the guys who drives your car out from the wash to the front to be detailed crashes my car into the truck in front of my car......all this while I am watching. I lost it at that point and dashed across the parking lot screaming at the idiot. He totally ignored me. I looked at my car and it had some damage and scratches and my front grill was pushed in. I was fuming mad!!! With that my dad who was with me came over to see what was going on while I was still screaming at the idiot to get the manager. He decides to pick up a spray bottle and a rag to wipe it. I just said don't touch my car anymore you have done enough!! I want a manger. He still ignored me so I went and found the owners son and he came over and was not happy about it at all and apologized. His father the owner came out and said to take it down the road to Masters Collision to have it fixed and they would pay for it and that he was very sorry this all occurred and the would do whatever to make it right. Thankfully everything was fixed in about an hour. There are though a couple of very little scratches in the front that they tried sanding out with 2000 paper and/or compound and it helped some but not all the way. If they sanded and compounded it anymore the clearcoat would of been affected. I talked to the owner at the car wash afterwards and told him everything was fixed except for a little scratch and he offered to do a full detail on the car for free. I did appreciate how professional they were about handling the whole situation and told him I would take him up on the detailing next week. So now I am home and my Sienna is resting comfortably in the garage. I sure hope I have better luck next time. I have been to that car wash so many times and the owners son even remembers me from previous visits of which I never had a problem but I guess these things sometimes can happen. It was just that the car is brand new and that is why I was so much more upset. Well I have to look at it this way I guess it could of been worse and everything did turn out fine in the end.

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