Thursday, February 19, 2004

Yesterday we had a nice time at Colleen's when we went for lunch. The kids enjoyed playing with each other. I made cupcakes and brought them so we could sing "Happy 6th Birthday to Katie" I will post some pictures later if I get a chance.

Today I decided to clean out my daughter Brittany's room. She has so much and some of it just has to go....unless I plan on expanding which isn't going to happen any time soon!! It is so hard keeping the kids organized. I also promised David I would take him to Radio Shack later to get some parts for a electronic car that he is building. So gotta run.

Here's My:
THURSDAY'S TATTLE (from Kathleen's Chatter)

:: Valentine's ::

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Yes
What did you get for Valentine's Day? I got a dozen roses from my husband and a card
What did you give your Valentine for Valentine's Day? Made him his favorite dinner and a huge heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie.
How did you celebrate the day? Stayed in sice we didn't have a babysitter. Had a nice dinner and watched a movie that evening.
Do you decorate your house for Valentine's? No not this year.

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