Thursday, March 11, 2004

Mostly Sunny

Hello All, What a busy week!! Brittany starting school, Dentist visits, eye doctor, etc...I have been doing so much running around I haven't had to much time to do anything. Today I went to the gym and worked out by the way I am down 17.6 lbs so far. Yey!!

Well when I got home, I had a ton of paperwork sitting on my desk to do. I was the at home secretary/tax preparer. I did my sister Michelle's taxes and got them e-filed and then worked on my other sister Lisa's taxes but still ended up needing more info. then finally I got to trying to figure out my own which is a little confusing because we have the store which is considered a corporation. I have to call my accountant for that. Then I had to do the monthly event calendars for March and April for the store and a WWE Raw Deal Tournament flyer so my husband has that to bring to the city on Saturday to pass around at a tournament he is in. Basically I finished just in time to eat dinner. We ordered in steamed chicken and broccoli. It sure hit the spot.

Alan and I watched the Apprentice it was good I had a feeling Heidi was going. I think the next one to go may be Katrina but we'll see. Well got to go finish up some laundry and I want to lift some weights for my arms before going to bed. I got another busy day tomorrow..LOL

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