Monday, March 22, 2004


Hello! Well it it's been another nutty couple of weeks to say the least. Just alot of running around...again. Spring is finally here!! Yay!! Too bad the temp. doesn't show it yet. I'm sure it will soon though. Last night we went out to dinner... to Bennigan's. I've been there many times and never a problem. Well last night we got home and Alan started not feeling to well and then I started getting really bad pains in my stomach which got worse and then I ended up throwing up! David had the same problem but it didn't hit him till a few hours later. Kaylee my little one also woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and stomach pains. The only one who didn't have a problem was Brittany. Weird huh. I feel fine now but god that came in a close tie with labor pains that's for sure!! Guess I will stay away from there for a while.

Tomorrow I am back at the dentist...yuck. Last weeks cleaning was a killer! I guess my gums are very sensitive. David is going to the orthodontist Wednesday. He may need braces. He's not too excited about that but we'll see!

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