Monday, March 8, 2004

March 2st a Rain in the Morning Sun in the Afternoon on Long Island

Hi, I know it's been a week. Not much happening. Still doing Curves and have lost 15lbs so far!! Yay!! Saturday I ripped apart Kaylee's room and cleaned then on Sunday it was nice so Alan and I took the kids to the park and went out for lunch and some shopping. David decided to go roller skating with his cousin Ashley. They had a nice time.

Today so far has been kind of crazy. It's also snowing again!! LOL but at least it's not sticking!! This day was not what I expected when I woke up. I had called school to find out what was going on with Pre-K for Brittany and also the sign up for Kindergarden. Well as it turns out they started already!! I was so annoyed because I never got any notice. The only thing I could think of was my son was absent the day the notices went home. Anyways... I called Brittanys doctor to get the immunization records faxed over to me. Then I went down to school to sign her up and they said if she wanted she could start today for the afternoon class. So I ran to wal-mart got her a backpack and a folder and ran home and got her dressed and ready to go. She was so excited!! I just got back from dropping her off. It was kinda that happy/sad feeling that you get. My baby is growing up!!

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