Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Mostly Sunny

Sorry I haven't been very active with posting I have been running around to the dentist Dentist a lot and this past Saturday I had to go for oral surgery on the upper left and right side of my mouth. My face is swollen like a chipmunks and I can't eat anything unless it is mushy or can be sipped through a straw. I can't open my mouth because it hurts terribly but I am on vicodin which helps the pain but puts me to sleep and makes me groggy. I tried just using tylenol but it doesn't do much to help with the pain. There are a lot of stiches in there. Alan has been great helping me out and making me feel comfortable. I am so greatful to have him in my life! He has been doing so much running around for me. My parentes were a great help also they took the kids for me Saturday and Sunday so that I could rest. That was a great help also. I can't remember when I just got to lay in bed for two days and enjoy the peace and quiet. It was weird.



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