Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Mostly Sunny

Today started out gloomy but now the sun is out. I sure hope it it will be shining on Saturday when we have David's graduation celebration. We are having it at my parents house. They have an inground pool and it would be nice if people could swim that day. The actual graduation ceremony Smiley Universityis on Thursday. I will post pictures of course.

Well got to get some cleaning and laundry finished today. The fun never ends!!

Here's my Chick Chat for Tuesday...sorry a day late!

Chick Chat

1. What's your favorite kind of cheese?:
I would have to
say Land O' Lakes Yellow American

2. Cheeseburger or Hamburger?: Hamburger. I do not
like meat and cheese together.

3. Feta Cheese: Yummy or Yucky?: Feta....Yucky!

4. Pizza w/ extra cheese or regular cheese?: It
depends mostly regular though.

5. How do you feel about 'From-Under-Cheese'?: From
under where??? No thanks!!

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