Monday, June 28, 2004

Well was a crazy couple of days. First off David's graduation went so nicely. He even got a United States Presidental Achievement Award. I posted new pictures in the photo album section.

Second, my computer is fried.**GRRR@#!*** My wonderful husband decided to start shutting off the power from the fuse box with out shutting down the computer first. I guess the surge protector didn't do it's job. So needless to say the computer motherboard got fried. I first thought it was a hard drive issue and tried removing and putting in another hard drive but that didn't work. I changed the jumper cables, nothing worked. Then when I tried my hard drive in my sons computer it worked so all signs pointed to something on the main board. Today I ordered a new computer. This time I am trying Dell (after having had 3 Gateways) I ordered the Dimension XPS Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology 3.2GHz w/800MHz FSB/ 1MB cache. It also has 1GB of memory so that should serve me well for a while. I won't have it for about 10 days. Enough time to get rid of the old computer and move my office to another room. Right now I am sharing my husbands laptop with him till I get up and running fully again. I am grateful I have something.

Oh and I almost forgot....I got my cast off today!! Yippie. I do have a funky tan line on my arm but who cares I can move my hand and wrist again!! It's still a little sore but I have to get the muscles streched out again and I am sure it will be good as new!!

Till tomorrow!!

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