Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hello,  had a nice weekend.  Went to Michael's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday.   Had a great time.   I posted pictures in the photo album.   

Anyways... finally got the new computer.   It's  a Dell XPS Pentium4 HT /   3.2GHz / 1  Gig of memory.   Nice and fast!!   When I get back from vaction I plan on getting a nice desk and finish setting up my new computer room.

Tonight Alan is having some friends over to watch TNA Wrestling on Pay-Per-View.    I have to run out in a few minutes to get some goodies for them to snack on. 

This Sunday we are leaving on our first road trip in the new Sienna.   Have to remember to bring lots of movies for the kids to watch in the car.   We are going to Virginia Beach.  We plan on going to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg  (I haven't been there since 1988) and some other places we are not sure of yet.  We're playing it by ear at the moment.  Should be fun though.

I will write again when we get back and post lots of pictures from our trip!!


Monday, July 5, 2004



The 4th of July party was very nice. Everyone had a great time. I posted pictures Camera in my photo album.

I just got a email confirmation that part of my computer Computer shipped on July 3rd so today I am going to Cleaning Windows spend doing some more cleaning in the room I want to use as my new computer room. Hopefully I can get most of it done today. I also have plenty of Laundrylaundry to catch up on.

ByeTa Ta For Now

Sunday, July 4, 2004

Happy Hat

I have had a busy week. I have been busy cleaning out the room for the new computer and new desk. The room I am putting it in has alot of toys and boy do kids have so many toys!! *UGH* Where to put them all is the question.

Superhero 6My mom and I took the kids out Wednesday to see Spiderman 2. This is Brittany's favorite movie. She couldn't wait to see it. It was also the first movie we ever took her and Kaylee to. She couldn't believe how big that TV (movie screen) was as she put it. Kaylee also went and for a 3 year old she was perfect not a peep out of her the whole movie. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't sure she was ready to go and sit for 2 hours with out a fuss. She sure proved me wrong.

Friday I went out with my friend Alison. We went shopping and then out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.

Saturday was Free Comic Book day in the store so David went with Alan to help with the busy crowd. I stayed home and washed the Sienna while the girls played in the yard. Then the girls and I picked David up later in the day and went over to my parents house for a swim. Later on in the evening David and I went over to Eisenhower Park to see the annual 4th of July fireworks. It was beautiful.

FireworksToday we are off to Conneticut to celebrate the 4th of July at my cousins home! I will post pictures tomorrow.



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