Friday, August 27, 2004

Hello. Wow a bit muggy today!! Didn't realize that till stepping outside a little while ago. Thank god for central air. I am cleaning yet again. Decided to clean Brittany's room and closet. Had to start making room for some new school clothes for her.

Tomorrow I am having my parents over for dinner. We are going to celebrate Kaylee's 4th Birthday (which is actually on Aug 31st.) I decided to make a turkey with mashed potatoes, vegetables, etc. If time allows me tonight I want to bake her a birthday cake. If not then Carvel or Baskin and Robbins here I come. I really prefer a homemade cake though. I was never too thrilled with bakery cakes except for a bakery in Queens that my aunt and uncle picked up a strawberry shortcake with fresh whip cream. God that was good.

Other than that all else is quiet here.

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