Monday, August 23, 2004

The past few days has been quite crazy and sad. Friday we went to the funeral of Uncle Phil. It was so sad. His three sons got up and spoke about their dad and it brought tears to our eyes as well as theirs as they tried to make it through what they had wanted to say. At the cemetery, Uncle Phil was buried right next to Alan's Dad and Mom and Grandparents as the plots are right next to each other. After the service at the cemetery, we stayed behind for a few minutes to show the children where their grandma and grandpa along with their great-grandma and great-grandpa were buried. It was a little hard to explain. David thought it was weird to see his name on a headstone (David is named after his grandpa). We had the children place stones on each of the headstones. We then joined the family back at Aunt Mary's house. It was so good to see everyone again since it had been such a long time. I just wish it was under better circumstances.

Saturday my Mom and Aunt Tootsie had returned from their vacation with the sisters upstate. We went to visit since Aunt Tootsies plane wasn't due to leave until 7:15 pm. (of course it ended up not leaving till 9:30 pm) We also ordered lunch from Lisa's and my dad and I ran out to pick it up when it started to downpour. Just as I got in front of the pizza place I saw a white truck pulling out from Pine Street in front of an on coming motorcycle and wham hit him and he went skidding down Broadway almost 3/4 of the way to the next corner. I called 911 right away as my dad jumped out the the car and ran across the street to see if the man on the motorcycle was ok. The police and ambulance got there and the man on the motorcycle seemed to be ok except for the scraped up arm and leg from scrapping across the road when he was knocked off the bike. He got up and was very upset. I say he was lucky to be alive. I couldn't believe he got up. That had to be one of the worst things I have ever seen happen.

Sunday we went to sit Shiva with Aunt Mary and her family (they decided not to sit all week because it would be too much) so this would be the last day. My mom came with Alan, me and the kids. It was nice to see everyone again and to talk to Aunt Mary. The girls enjoyed spending time with their cousins. We drove my mom home and then went home. Alan and I just relaxed for a bit and ended up watching a movie. I never made it to the end. I don't think he did either.

Today I have a doctor's appointment so I will be dropping the kids off with my mom for a little bit since the doctor is right down the road from her house.

Well that's all for now....

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