Sunday, August 29, 2004

We had a little family birthday party with my parents, sisters and my niece Ashley on Saturday. Kaylee had a blast. She was so cute. She got a DVD player for her room from her godmother (Michelle). She was so excited. She also loved all the clothes she got and the doll and microphone too. It was nice just having a quite little gathering.

Today I just cleaned up a bit and relaxed. David wanted to look for something so I drove him over to Wal-Mart. Then Alan called me and asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. So I called my parents and they said they could watch the kids. We ended going to CharlieBrowns (where I went last week with the girls) It was much busier tonight but we had a good time. It gave us a chance to talk which has been hard lately to do at home with the kids running around all the time. On the way home we picked up a movie at Blockbuster ... Laws of Attraction. I hope it is good. We are going to watch in in a little bit as soon as Alan gets back from 7-11 (he ran out to get a money order for some eBay thing).

Well I'll let you know how the movie was. TTFN!!

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