Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Well had a busy couple of days. Been doing alot of cleaning, laundry, etc. Been working on redoing our bathroom. I am doing a nautical theme. We had the bathroom painted and I put up some nautical items and a nice window shelf. I just have to get the wallborder up. Looks good though. I am still working on completing my computer room (another room I have to put wall border up in) so hopefully this week the desk will be delivered.

Today Alan found out his Uncle Phil had passed away early this afternoon. He had been sick for sometime. Alan only talked to him in the hospital a few weeks ago. Alan went right from work to spend some time with his Aunt Mary (Uncle Phil's wife). He will be buried on Friday so we will be going to the funeral. Alan also called his sister Carol. He was very happy to finally talk with her. She lives in Vegas with her husband and Alan and her haven't seen or spoken to each other for quite some time. I guess they just drifted apart for whatever reason. I know Alan was very happy to speak with her again. Maybe we can plan a trip out there sometime in the future. We've always wanted to go to Vegas.

Well off to bed I go. I have an early dentist appointment tomorrow.

Here is Tuesday's Chick Chat (a day late of course)

Health Nut

1. Soy Milk or Cow Milk? cows Milk
2. Veggie Burger or Mooo, I mean Meat? Mooo - Meat definitely didn't like veggie burgers.
3. Have you ever had a piece of cake and considered it breakfast? Never had cake but maybe a quick cookie if I was on the run.
4. Do Carbs Rock Your World? I hate to admit but I do eat alot of carbs. I have tried Atkins and lost some weight but I couldn't stay on it.
5. What's the longest you've gone without weighing yourself? Well right now I haven't weighed myself in at least 3 months. I guess it's denial.

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