Thursday, August 12, 2004

Well the Rush concert turned out to be really good. It went on as scheduled despite the rain and thunder which by 8 p.m. was not too bad at all. In fact, it rained for about the first half hour of the show and the rest it was nice. Alan and I had a great time and the seats were great! This is the 4th time we have seen them. The do put on a great show. My mom was nice to watch the kids for us overnight so we could go and not have to worry about picking up the kids late at night. It was so quiet when we got home. Not used to that at all. But it was nice.

Alan and I got up early and went to IHOP for breakfast and ran some errands. Michelle ended up stopping by and her and I ended up going shopping. I am looking into getting another camera so I was looking at the Kodak's. I will probably wait until September since there is a new model the DX7590 coming out then that I like alot plus it will give me some time to save for it. Here's a picture of it

I ended up purchasing another handset to the panasonic phone we got so that David had a phone in his room and I could intercom him downstairs instead of the old way of screaming.....DAVID!! from the top of the stairs. Hopefully that works out.

Later on Michelle and I went and picked up the kids ate dinner and came home. I have been out so much lately the house has be really neglected. So Friday I have alot of cleaning and laundry to do. Well, that's really it for today.

Here's My THURSDAY'S TATTLE (from Kathleen's Chatter)

Week Forty Seven.....Purses

Do you carry a purse? Yes

Is your purse strap long or short? Long

Is your purse big or small? Small...I don't like carrying alot around

Is it neat and organized or full of stuff that shouldn't even be in there? Usually neat since I don't carry much.

Have you ever forgot your purse at a store or any place at all? Oh yea...the worst was when I left it on The Cat In The Hat ride at Universal Studios and I didn't realize it was missing till I went to pay the bill at the Hard Rock Cafe. I ran back to the park and it was closed and convinced security to open the gate and let me in. Thankfully some honest person turned my bag in and nothing was taken especially since I did have $600 in it at the time. That would of made for a terrible ending to my vacation.

When shopping for purses do you have a hard time finding exactly what you want? Don't really shop for them that much. If I happen to find one I like I will buy it.

How much is the most you have ever spent on a purse? My two coach bags which were about $185. One in brown and one in black.

Is your husband allowed to go into your purse? I don't have anything to hide it doesn't bother me. He doesn't usually do that though unless he is looking for my keys or something. He always asks first though.

Does your husband ever ask you to put things in your purse so as he doesn't have to carry anything like his cell phone or sunglasses? Sometimes

If he does ask you to do that does it drive you nuts? Well it doesn't drive me nuts it mostly drives him a little nuts since my bag usually isn't big enough to put his items in there anyways.

Are you happy with your current purse or are you in need of a new one? Happy at the moment.


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