Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What a nice day today. The weather is beautiful. To bad I am stuck in the house most of today just trying to clean and get this house straightened out. Yesterday we had the wall border put up in our bathroom. It came out really nice. It's a nice change from what I had.

Tonight I am going out to dinner with my friend Alison and my sister Michelle. We're trying a restaurant called Charlie Brown's in Garden City. Alison went there and said it was good and Michelle lives just a few blocks from there.

Here is Tuesday's Chick Chat (a day late of course)


1. Do you see the Dr. right away when you feel icky?: No not really unless I am really sick.
2. Does the world revolve around you until you feel better?: I wish. Doesn't happen when you have 3 kids and a husband.
3. Favorite "Feel Better" Food?: Toast with butter and grape jelly and a nice cup of tea.
4. Did your mom do something special when you were sick as a child?: My mom is a nurse and always had and still has a great bedside manner. She always did everything she could to make us feel better.
5. Are you a whiner?: I'd like to say not but when your sick and you can't rest because you are doing stuff you shouldn't be in that condition other people in this house would say I can get cranky/wine.

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