Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hello... I'm up a bit late tonight. Now 1:20 in the morning. I just can't sleep. I have had the worst headache since yesterday. I think it is my sinuses. Maybe allergies. Just wish it would go away. This week has been busy getting back into the swing of things with school starting. This past Saturday we went to a surprise birthday party for my Aunt Betty and Aunt Frannie at my cousin Colleen's house. We tricked them by telling each of them it was a surprise party for the other person. Aunt Betty thought it was for Aunt Frannie and Aunt Frannie thought it was a surprise for Aunt Betty. When they showed up and we yelled surprise they were both going no it's for you until they realized that is was for both of them. I think they were very happy and surprised to say the least. Check out the pictures in the photo album section.

This week has also been rather interesting. It seems my husband made friend with a stray cat that has been around our house for a couple of weeks. He has grown very attached and now so have I and the rest of the family. He is a male calico like my other two cats. The poor thing is so tattered looking and very skinny. He is missing the bottom right fang (tooth) don't know what happened there. He also has some trouble with his hind legs. I have never seen him run. So I don't know if he was in an accident, hit by a car or what. He spends 90% of the day on our doorstep and wants to come in so badly. We have been feeding him twice a day. He is so friendly, mellow and just seems to want some love and attention. He also needs a bath terribly. Alan and I talked and we decided that we would take him to Island Rescue in Bayshore on Wednesday to have him checked out. If all goes well we would like to have him in our home. I don't think any animal deserves to have been treated like the way this cat was treated. He deserves a home and a family to love him. I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe it was no mistake he showed up at our door. I only hope and pray he is ok. I also hope that my cats, Misty and Mandee are able to accept him into the home too. Any suggestions from anyone on how to do this would be appreciated. I know it will take alot of time to adjust. Anyways...David came up with a name for him. I don't know if it fits him or not just yet but right now it is "Dexter" Who knows maybe we'll change it but for now at least we're calling him something. Here is a few pictures taken tonight.

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