Monday, November 29, 2004

Hey...Well Thanksgiving was very nice. My sister Michelle and her roommate LeeAnne did Thanksgiving this year since they just got a new apartment.

I was not one of the brave souls to get up and shop on black Friday. I just don't see the point. I did get out to a craft fair at church on Saturday with my mom and Aunt Frannie. We also went to the mall and did a little shopping. The mall wasn't too bad.

Sunday I just relaxed...I am having a hard time shaking this darn cold. I feel good one day and the next like cr*p! It's anoying. Also Sunday, Kaylee my youngest, decided to stick her mouth on the freezer door and got her mouth stuck and then pulled her lips off the ice and ripped her upper lip open. We can laugh now but at the time she was in alot of pain. She told me she is never doing that again. God only knows what on earth she was thinking when she did that.

Today I ran and did a little food shopping and finished up some paperwork I have been negelecting. I also just got finished watching my Monday night favorite shows 7th Heaven, Everyone Loves Raymond, Two and a half men and CSI: Miami. First time I got to watch them on the actual nite they were on. Ususally, I have to tape everything and watch here and there during the week. It's just hard with the kids getting them to bed but tonight everyone just went to bed early. So I got to enjoy a quiet evening.

Well I am finally off to bed. TTFN!!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Today was so nice wow...71 degrees!! Which probably explains why I am coming down with a cold and so is the rest of the family. One day it's freezing the next day it's warm. It hit me last night sore throat, stuffed up head. Yuck!! But do you think that means I got to stay in bed today and rest....of course not. By the way... I am out of the splint. My hand still looks pretty bruised but it feels much better.

Brittany who's in kindergarten was in a Thanksgiving Day pageant at her school. They were so cute. Dressed as Indians and pilgrims and singing songs. I am going to post pictures later tonight if I am up to it.

I also heard some good news about Ronnie. I heard that he is going to Fort Dix in New Jersey until December 20th when he will be deployed to Iraq. It just stinks that he is leaving right before Christmas. But everyone is happy that Fort Dix will be closer to home so that he will be closer to family. Maybe he will even be able to come home for Thanksgiving.

Well I am off to finish cooking my spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight. I also want to see Medical Investigation on NBC. I just starting watching that show a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty good.

Bye for now... :o)

Monday, November 15, 2004

Hello All,

Well ... I did it again. I managed to hurt my hand again. I am now in a hand/thumb splint. I went to the orthopedic today to have it x-rayed. Thankfully it was not broken. I don't think I could stand being in a cast again. I feel like I am an accident waiting to happen. Oh well. There are much worse things that could happen.

I forgot to say last time I posted that my mom took the kids and I to see "The Polar Express" It was a really nice Christmas movie. The kids loved it!!

Well got to keep it short. I have to make dinner and help Brittany with a maccoroni necklace that she has to have done for Wednesday. She is in a little Thanksgiving pagent at school.

TTFN! :o)

Friday, November 12, 2004


Today was one of those wet dreary days here on Long Island. I basically stayed home and didn't do too much today except some cleaning, laundry...etc.

I heard from Ronnie today. He got the package we sent him on Tuesday (the medal and the brownies) He said he really liked the new medal and him and some buddies enjoyed the brownies I sent. He said it was a nice surprise. He sounded good except he said he was just getting over a cold. He said once one person in his group got it so did everyone else. Right now he is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in MO. He said he will be there till at least next Friday a little longer than first expected. He is hoping to be transferred to Fort Dix in New Jersey since it is so close to Long Island and at least there is a chance of him seeing his family before he is deployed at the beginning of January.

I also started a support page for Ronnie (look under the menu on the left) when you click on his picture you can leave him a message. It does take up to 24 hours for your message to post to the site because it has to be approved to prevent unwanted postings. If he is unable to get to a computer I will be printing the messages out and sending them to him. Please take the time to send him any words of encouragement or support.

Other than that... everything else here is pretty quiet. I am off to bed. Good Night!! :o)

Tuesday, November 9, 2004


Yesterday, Brittany went back to school. She is feeling much better. Took David to the orthodontist yesterday. He had his back braces put on. He said there not too comfortable. I had to purchase a new pair of glasses today. I lost mine a couple of weeks ago when we had the send off party for Ronnie. I took them off and never saw them again. I have torn my house, my car, and my moms house (where we had the party) apart and they are just no where to be found. I wonder if someone picked them up thinking it was their glasses. Who knows. It's just frustrating.

My mom took Kaylee for me yesterday so that I could take David to the orthodontist. The had to go shopping. It seems the St. Christopher medal that she bought for Ronnie fell off the chain. Ronnie didn't even notice till he got back from a full day of training and was taking off his boots and the medal was in his boot. He said he never felt it. My mom said maybe it was meant to be and that he should just leave that one in the boot. So she went and bought him a new medal. It has a longer chain and is made with St. Christopher on one side and the Army insignia on the other. She also made sure that she got the medal sodered onto the chain so that it doesn't fall off again. I told her I would have Alan mail it out for him today along with some brownies that I heard he was asking for. Here is the picture of the new medal front & back.

Today it is so cold. It's 35F. right now. I am going to make a nice beef stew. Kaylee started coming down with what I think Brittany had. She is sleeping now. Her poor little nose is all red. Guess it's just that time of year for all the colds.

Bye :o)

Sunday, November 7, 2004


Well since Brittany is still home sick (she is feeling much better) we didn't get out at all this weekend except for Alan, he went to his friends house tonight to watch the Pay-Per-View WWE wrestling event.

David and Kaylee just played in the yard with Dexter. Dexter was an outdoor stray that we took in so he enjoys going outside once and a while. I think he just enjoys getting some fresh air and laying in the grass.

I got up this morning and cooked a nice big breakfast/ favorite craker barrel bacon, cracker barrel pancakes and scrabled eggs. After I got a huge cleaning bug so I ended up pulling apart my dining room....then my whole living room and then started cleaning out all the drawers in my kitchen. Lets just say I started at 12 noon and I didn't finish until about 10 pm. It's so nice to have everything nice and organized. It's so hard to do with the kids.

Well I am off to bed...night all!! :o)

Saturday, November 6, 2004


Took Brittany to the doctor's this morning. She hasn't been in school since Monday. She has had a cold and fever and last night she started coughing. The doctor said she had bronchitis and a sinus infection and a little fluid in her ears. She put her on an antibiotic so hopefully she is feeling better soon!

Today we just stayed in and relaxed. Doesn't happen too often. I had some laundry to catch up on anyways. Alan also got a copy of the Incredibles so I guess we will watch that later. David just saw it last night when he went out with his friends. He said it was really good.

Well I am off to make dinner. Bye! :o)

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Happy Election Day!

There was no school today. I guess that worked out well since all my children woke up with colds today. I have been passing out the cough medicine and the tylenol .... sigh...

Ronnie's party went well. Carol emailed everyone with an update on Ronnie and an address to write him. He is doing well but a little homesick. If by some chance you did not receive the update please email me and I will send you a copy.

David, Brittany and Kaylee enjoyed their Halloween. They were in the North Massapequa Fire Department Rag-A-Muffin Parade. They had a great time!! After the parade the kids rested a bit and then we went out trick or treating for a while. Brittany was Cinderella, Kaylee was Snow White and David was a pirate. He looked pretty scary.

I took pictures from both events and will have them up as soon as I can I promise.

Have a great day .... Don't forget to vote today!!


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