Friday, November 12, 2004


Today was one of those wet dreary days here on Long Island. I basically stayed home and didn't do too much today except some cleaning, laundry...etc.

I heard from Ronnie today. He got the package we sent him on Tuesday (the medal and the brownies) He said he really liked the new medal and him and some buddies enjoyed the brownies I sent. He said it was a nice surprise. He sounded good except he said he was just getting over a cold. He said once one person in his group got it so did everyone else. Right now he is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in MO. He said he will be there till at least next Friday a little longer than first expected. He is hoping to be transferred to Fort Dix in New Jersey since it is so close to Long Island and at least there is a chance of him seeing his family before he is deployed at the beginning of January.

I also started a support page for Ronnie (look under the menu on the left) when you click on his picture you can leave him a message. It does take up to 24 hours for your message to post to the site because it has to be approved to prevent unwanted postings. If he is unable to get to a computer I will be printing the messages out and sending them to him. Please take the time to send him any words of encouragement or support.

Other than that... everything else here is pretty quiet. I am off to bed. Good Night!! :o)

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