Tuesday, November 9, 2004


Yesterday, Brittany went back to school. She is feeling much better. Took David to the orthodontist yesterday. He had his back braces put on. He said there not too comfortable. I had to purchase a new pair of glasses today. I lost mine a couple of weeks ago when we had the send off party for Ronnie. I took them off and never saw them again. I have torn my house, my car, and my moms house (where we had the party) apart and they are just no where to be found. I wonder if someone picked them up thinking it was their glasses. Who knows. It's just frustrating.

My mom took Kaylee for me yesterday so that I could take David to the orthodontist. The had to go shopping. It seems the St. Christopher medal that she bought for Ronnie fell off the chain. Ronnie didn't even notice till he got back from a full day of training and was taking off his boots and the medal was in his boot. He said he never felt it. My mom said maybe it was meant to be and that he should just leave that one in the boot. So she went and bought him a new medal. It has a longer chain and is made with St. Christopher on one side and the Army insignia on the other. She also made sure that she got the medal sodered onto the chain so that it doesn't fall off again. I told her I would have Alan mail it out for him today along with some brownies that I heard he was asking for. Here is the picture of the new medal front & back.

Today it is so cold. It's 35F. right now. I am going to make a nice beef stew. Kaylee started coming down with what I think Brittany had. She is sleeping now. Her poor little nose is all red. Guess it's just that time of year for all the colds.

Bye :o)

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