Sunday, November 7, 2004


Well since Brittany is still home sick (she is feeling much better) we didn't get out at all this weekend except for Alan, he went to his friends house tonight to watch the Pay-Per-View WWE wrestling event.

David and Kaylee just played in the yard with Dexter. Dexter was an outdoor stray that we took in so he enjoys going outside once and a while. I think he just enjoys getting some fresh air and laying in the grass.

I got up this morning and cooked a nice big breakfast/ favorite craker barrel bacon, cracker barrel pancakes and scrabled eggs. After I got a huge cleaning bug so I ended up pulling apart my dining room....then my whole living room and then started cleaning out all the drawers in my kitchen. Lets just say I started at 12 noon and I didn't finish until about 10 pm. It's so nice to have everything nice and organized. It's so hard to do with the kids.

Well I am off to bed...night all!! :o)

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