Monday, November 29, 2004

Hey...Well Thanksgiving was very nice. My sister Michelle and her roommate LeeAnne did Thanksgiving this year since they just got a new apartment.

I was not one of the brave souls to get up and shop on black Friday. I just don't see the point. I did get out to a craft fair at church on Saturday with my mom and Aunt Frannie. We also went to the mall and did a little shopping. The mall wasn't too bad.

Sunday I just relaxed...I am having a hard time shaking this darn cold. I feel good one day and the next like cr*p! It's anoying. Also Sunday, Kaylee my youngest, decided to stick her mouth on the freezer door and got her mouth stuck and then pulled her lips off the ice and ripped her upper lip open. We can laugh now but at the time she was in alot of pain. She told me she is never doing that again. God only knows what on earth she was thinking when she did that.

Today I ran and did a little food shopping and finished up some paperwork I have been negelecting. I also just got finished watching my Monday night favorite shows 7th Heaven, Everyone Loves Raymond, Two and a half men and CSI: Miami. First time I got to watch them on the actual nite they were on. Ususally, I have to tape everything and watch here and there during the week. It's just hard with the kids getting them to bed but tonight everyone just went to bed early. So I got to enjoy a quiet evening.

Well I am finally off to bed. TTFN!!

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