Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hello. Well we had a really nice holiday. We went to Alan's family's house for Hanukkah on the 19th and then we had my family over for Christmas Eve. We had a really great time. We also learned that my cousin Edward and his wife Kelly are expecting their first child together and we couldn't be happier for them and the new grandparents to be!! Christmas Day we went to my cousin Colleen's house. We have spent every Christmas with them since I am born. It's a tradition now. The day after Christmas we finally got some snow. It looked so pretty. The only part that stunk after Christmas was Alan wasn't feeling well. Guess he got what I haven't been able to get rid of for over a month now. I ended up back at the doctor's he said I had acute bronchitis that was aggravating my asthma. I had to go for a chest x-ray and breathing tests along with a nebulizer treatment. I was put back on prednisone at a higher dose for another 10 days and an antibiotic so hopefully this will kill anything in my system and help me breathe better.

Today we had Colleen, Katie and Sean over for Brittany's 6th Birthday. We had lunch and a tea party and a princess birthday cake. The girls had so much fun. I will post pictures.

Tomorrow night we are going over my parents house to celebrate Ashley's birthday and Brittany's birthday along with New Years!! Should be fun. It's the first time we have gone out on New Year's Eve in a long time.

Well That's about all for now

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