Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hello, sorry I haven't posted in a week. It's just been a busy week. Went out with the girls on Friday night the 21st to celebrate my birthday. We went to the Outback and had a great time!! I just posted a few pictures today from that night. I didn't have too many and a few came out a little blurry. Check them out in the photo album. Also, we ended up getting hit with alot of snow on my birthday (Jan 23rd) 18+ inches with 3 foot snow drifts!! Guess what we that day..shoveled for 3 hours!! LOL!! Thank god for the snowblower. Alan and I never got out to dinner that evening. My parents were great they came over and picked up the kids so Alan and I could enjoy a couple of days alone. ....Wow was it ever so quiet! Alan ended up getting me the kid charm for Kaylee added to my necklace. Funny I didn't even know he went through my jewelery box and took it to go and be made up with the extra charm on it. I love it! School ended up being cancelled on Monday too! It's been sooo cold today it was only 9 degrees with a windchill of -6 degrees below zero!! I don't mind the cold but that is just crazy!!

I finally got my computer room just about done. Just have to add the border and hang some stuff on the wall. It's great having a nice big desk. Alan worked hard putting it together for me on Tuesday. Then my parents stopped by and brought me a nice black leather executive chair. It really feels like an office now. I also registered Kaylee for Pre-k at the public school. She is so excited about going. Today we took her to the doctor to get her up-to-date on all of her shots and to make sure there are no restrictions for her because of her heart condition. The doctor said just to check with the cardiologist to make sure. I was so proud of her she had 3 shots today and not a tear. All she said was "ouch" very quitely. The doctor was shocked and so was I. So that's about it for today! Got to got figure out what's for dinner tonight and set up the DVR to record Apprentice and ER tonight. Looks like a couple of really good episodes.
Oh and here is the picture I was telling you about a few posts ago when I met Leslie Sansone ( Walk Away the Pounds) my sister Michelle who is on the left in the picture finally figured out how to email me the picture from her phone!!

Michelle, Leslie Sansone, and Me

Bye for now!

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