Saturday, January 8, 2005

Hello. It was a very rainy Saturday. Well not too much going on today. We got up this morning had a nice big brunch and then just stayed in and relaxed. I can't remember when we have been able to to that in quite a while. It was kinda nice.

David spent most of the day finishing off his book Monkey Island for a project for school. The girls enjoyed playing with their toys from Christmas. I finally got to watch a movie Alan got for me ...bootleg... of Meet the Fockers. It was actually very cute. Better that what I thought. I sat in bed and watched it on my new laptop. It was a really good copy. Alan did some of his ebay work for the store.

Well I am going to run...I want to get the kidos in bed and take a nice shower and hit the hay early for a change.

Talk to you later...

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