Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hello. Sitting here with my nice hot cup of tea. It is actually snowing right now. And Yes it is still FREEZING cold! It's only 12 degress outside now! Just makes you not want to go out. Having a pretty quite week so far. That is a blessing!! I have been working on my computer room. I am gutting the room so my husband can build my new desk he bought me for Christmas. Here is a picture:

I also want to put up a border in the room which I have already and I have to get a new computer chair. Sunday, January 23rd is my birthday and my family and friends are taking me out on Friday to celebrate and have a nice ladies night out! Were going to the Outback Steakhouse. There is about 11 of us going. I am excited and I can really use a night out! My husband is taking me out on Saturday night and my mom is watching the kids overnight! Alan and I haven't been out in a while. It will be nice spending some time alone. Michelle my sister got me something different this year for my birthday. We are going on Sunday to Elizabeth Arden Red Door for a massage. I haven't had a massage in 13 years. Since my honeymoon! It will be nice I am sure.

Well I guess I better get movin' lots to do today...laundry, cleaning....when does it end. LOL!!

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