Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hi, I had a nice Friday night ended up going to Charlie Brown's with my best friend Alison whom I have know for 25 years now and my sister Lisa. We had a nice time. Wow two weeks in a row going out with the girls! Doesn't happen like that too often. Alison bought me a gift for my birthday a very cute tart warmer for the kitchen from one of my favorite stores Yankee Candle. Oh and Alison just stared up her blog again. Check it out under my journal reads Cricket's Chatter. I am also excited to hear that our the weather is going to warm up to a toasty 34 degrees. Trust me that's much better than the 6 degrees we've been dealing with.

Today I just stayed in caught up on some laundry and worked on my computer room a little bit. David spent today setting up his telescope he got for Christmas and cleaned his room a bit. Brittany and Kaylee spent the day coloring and playing with all the wonderful craft stuff they have and making a huge mess as usual. Alan went into Manhattan (the city) today to go to some gaming show for our comic book store. He had a good time. On the way home he brought home a pizza. No cookin' tonight. Tonight we just plan on staying in and watching some movies nothing to exciting.

Till tomorrw.....

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