Monday, February 28, 2005

Hello. Well today is another snowy one. We're getting a Noreaster. There calling for 8-12 inches this time around. I tried to go to the supermarket but it was packed and there was no way I was standing on any long lines just to get some beef broth and some meat. I drove all the way to Massapequa to go to a small grocery store by my mom's house. They have much better meat anyways they were busy but not crazy!! People stockpile like there going to be trapped for days. I'm sure things will be cleared up by tomorrow afternoon. Well...the kids just went back to school today after winter break. Guess they will be off again tomorrow.

Friday afternoon my mom and I took the kids to see "Because of Winn-Dixie" it was a cute family movie. We went mainly because my son David read the book in school and really wanted to see it. He was supposed to go last week with some people from school but he ended up sick so he wasn't able to.

Saturday I got up and cleaned and then my father came by and picked up David to go bowing. A grandpa and grandson day. I ended up going shopping with Alan and the girls at Wal-Mart for catfood and some misc stuff. Then we ran to the bakery and went to my moms for dinner. She made pot favorite!! Yum!! My aunt and unlce were there and cousin Eddie. We had a really nice time.

Well I want to get dinner started and finish up some laundry. I just want to realx tonight and watch some tv. Alot of my favorite shows are on. Raymond, Two and a half Men, CSI: Miami, Medium and American Idol....thank god for the DVR.

Talk to you soon!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Well it's snowing...again. LOL. I can't wait for spring. Right now there's about 5-6 inches out there. It's 2:00 am. and I can't sleep so I am sitting here in bed on my laptop. The nebulizer treatment I took a little while ago it keeping me up with the jitters! Now I have insomnia...whatever!! I can't win. Well at least I am breathing a little easier that's for sure. Alan is still at work at UPS. I'm sure with the snow tonight he won't get home much before 5 am. I hate that he has to work so hard there at night and then has to get up and go work in the store. He seemed so burnt out this week. I think because he really has been trying to help me at night when he gets home since I've been sick.

Well today I spent the day steam cleaning the rug in my living room. I also cleaned my bedroom some more making sure there was no dust to be found which also helps me to breathe better. I also set up the nebulizer so that it is at an arms reach next to my bed which makes it more convenient to take my treatments.

I received some more pictures from Ronnie so I have put those up. They were some pictures I guess he had in his camera that were from when he was first going to Iraq and had a layover in Ireland. He got to stop in one of the pubs for a beer!!

Well guess I should try to get some sleep...maybe I'll write again in the afternoon. Hopefully I will be a little more rested.


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hello. Tomorrow they are calling for some more snow...yippie... the other day we had 5-6 inches. Tomorrow they are calling for another 4-8 inches. I was outside a little while ago and couldn't believe how much colder it got. It was so nice this afternoon.

Well it's been a crazy couple of days for me. Yesterday I went back to the doctor due to my asthma not getting any better. I'm still coughing. I feel like I have a pharmacy on my bedside table. I'm only 35!! Just something I have to deal with now for the rest of my life. It turns out I have a few diagnoses acute bronchitis again...dysnea (a facncy word for difficulty breathing)...Wheezing...and acute exacerbation ( which means I can go into respiratory distress at any time) Well the doctor put me on a z pack of antibiotics and he also lowered my dose of advair since that is what he thinks was burning my throat. The doctor also got me set up with an in home nebulizer machine so that I can give myself treatments without going to the emergency room. I have to give myself 4 treatments a day. So far it seems to be helping. It just makes me so jittery afterwards.

Today I also went to my nieces 7th birthday party. It was really cute. Brittany and Kaylee had a great time.

Well I am going to go and watch some of the DVR stuff I recorded tonight. AI and CSI: NY. Hope there good.

Talk to you soon. Hugs!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hello. I haven't posted in a few days. I haven't been feeling the greatest and Friday I had a nice asthma attack because of the cold air. It was 18F out and I guess going from the warm house out into the cold triggered it. Plus the singulair has been making my throat burn and making me feel so tired. Saturday I spent the day in bed I felt such a weight on my chest. I just kept sleeping on and off all day and watching TV. Caught up on all the DVR stuff that I recorded during the week. Today I feel much better. I am going to call the doctor tomorrow just to let him know what happened. I'm sure he'll want to see me again before my next appointment.

Anyways...Today I am just staying in cleaning my bedroom and doing all the bed sheets and quilt. I have also been reading the support Ronnie page and I am just amazed by the outpouring of support from people Ronnie doesn't even know along with the people he does know. I am sure he will appreciate all the wonderful messages. Thanks and keep those messages coming!!

Tonight we are expecting some snow tonight into tomorrow. They say 3-6 inches but I don't think we'll get too much. But we'll see. Thank god the kids are on winter break this week so we don't have to worry about school closings.

Talk to you all soon! Hope you had a great weekend!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hello. Well busy week as usual. My asthma has been acting up quite a bit and my pulmonary doctor put me on singulair once a day along with what I was already taking advair and albuterol. All this to breathe. Since I've been on the singulair though my breathing seems to be better except that it does make me tired. My doctor suggested a while ago that I get an air purifier well the ones at sharper image started at $250 and up so I really haven't been able to afford one. My mom looked into it this week and found one at sears called the ionic pro which is the same thing as the sharper image one and only cost $149 and it works great. What a difference in the air quality. It doesn't make any noise at all. I put in in my bedroom when I sleep and then in the living room during the day if I am in there. It's amazing what I have cleaned off of the blades. This thick gray dust that is like a powder. Crazy huh. And I dust and vacuum all the time but so far it seems to help minimize my coughing attacks. Maybe when I go back to the doctor in a few weeks my pulmonary function tests will be better.

Kaylee is enjoying school. Brittay is enjoying school as well. Just learing how to count to 100 (tying in with the 100th day of school which was today) David is busy reading a book called "The Sign of the Beaver" he doesn't like reading much but seems to be enjoying this book. Alan is busy as usual with the comic book store and working at UPS at night. He even made employee of the month for the third time and is one of the top 3 guys in the building. He also celebrated his 4th year anniversary working there. I hope he gets a full time position there soon. It would help us out so much.

Verizon finally came and fixed our phone problem on late Monday afternoon after I had to call yet again to tell them how important it was for them to come with all of the medical situations in this house. It was a problem that was about 3 blocks away that was causing our line to go dead. They still have to come back tomorrow to fix the static on the line when people call me. They said they have to cange the wire from my pole to my house. And now if that wasn't bad enought not to have my telephone, I was out at Wal-Mart on Friday night and must of dropped my cell phone in the parking lot. I was so aggravated. Everytime I turn around it is something else, one thing after another. ...I know god doesn't give you more than you can handle but I sure which he would lighten up. yesterday after 4 days of hearing nothing as far as someone turning in my phone I had to get another one.

Oh well that is about all...guess I rambled on long enough. I just want to go to bed and start again new tomorrow! Hopefully a great day!! .... Thinking positive!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi, Everyone. Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!

My weekend was kinda busy. My sister Michelle took me out to Elizabeth Arden Red Door to go and get a hair cut it was something she had planned for my birthday but we never got to do that day because we ended up having a blizzard. We had a great time. Then Michelle took David, Brittany and Kaylee Saturday night so that Alan and I could go out to Milleridge Inn and have a nice early Valentine's dinner. We hate going out on Valentine's day. It's just too crazy. We had a really nice time.

My sister Lisa had knee surgery on Thursday and is doing better...sore but better. She's a trooper and already going back to work Monday!

I myself have been fighting with Verizon since Thursday. My phone line is down and I can't make or recieve any calls. I told them Thurday that we needed the phone due to medical problems in our home. Kaylee with her heart and David and I with our asthma. They said they gave it the highest priority and would have it fixed on Friday... well Friday came and went....then they were supposed to come Saturday.... Saturday came and went. I called them with an earful and threatened calling the Public Service Commission. They said they couldn't come now till Monday. What the heck!! How can I be considered priority?? I will be calling again in the morning and will not be happy....hence the saga continues.... LOL.

Well I also heard from Ronnie this morning. I posted his message on the Support Ronnie page. He sounds good and loves all the messages from everyone! Keep them coming!

Talk to you all soon!


Thursday, February 3, 2005

Hello. Well it's snowing out right now. We probably won't get much but just enough to make things slippery. Alan just left for work...his night job at UPS. Not too much going on today except for alot of runing around back and forth to school today. Kaylee is feeling much better today and seems to be back to her happy old self. Her tooth looks like it is still a little pushed back. It doesn't seem to be loose but she really won't let me touch it. She said it is still sore but it feels much better than it did. I guess it is time to see the dentist.

Still haven't heard back on how the trip to see Ronnie went. I think they will be back tomorrow. They were talking about taking him to Atlantic City for the day but don't know if they actually did or not.

Well guess thats about all for today...


Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Hi, Well today was much warmer than it's been. Finally! I got up early and did some cleaning. Yesterday evening Kaylee fell off the slide in our back yard and hit her mouth. Her poor top left tooth was pushed back a little bit and her mouth is sore. I thought that was what was bothering her when she woke up this morning but she said her tummy was hurting. She ended up vomiting and and having a fever. Poor thing was thirsty but couldn't drink water without thowing up. She just had a mmr shot and the chickenpox shot on Friday so I wonder if that is just a reaction or she really does have a stomach bug. If she's not feeling better tomorrow I will be calling the doctor.

Ronnie (my cousin in the Army) will be deployed on Friday, Feb. 4th. My mom is going with Aunt Frannie, Carol, Kathy, Alan & Ronnie's baby nephew Michael to family day at Fort Dix in New Jersey tomorrow to see him before he is deployed to Kuwait and then onto a town some miles out of Bagdad. My cousin Colleen stopped by today to drop off some stuff for Ronnie -- cards that her boyscout troop made for him to show their support and a nice little care package. I made some brownies that Ronnie had said he liked. I tried mailing some out to him not too long ago but they never made it to Fort Dix at least these will be hand delivered. If anyone who is reading this can just send a short message to Ronnie on his support page, I know he woould appreciate it. He really enjoys hearing from everyone whether he knows your or not! I also posted some pictures that I received of him from out in the field. You can see them by clicking on the picture of the moment.

Well got to go and get the kids dinner and get David ready for religion tonight.



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