Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi, Everyone. Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!

My weekend was kinda busy. My sister Michelle took me out to Elizabeth Arden Red Door to go and get a hair cut it was something she had planned for my birthday but we never got to do that day because we ended up having a blizzard. We had a great time. Then Michelle took David, Brittany and Kaylee Saturday night so that Alan and I could go out to Milleridge Inn and have a nice early Valentine's dinner. We hate going out on Valentine's day. It's just too crazy. We had a really nice time.

My sister Lisa had knee surgery on Thursday and is doing better...sore but better. She's a trooper and already going back to work Monday!

I myself have been fighting with Verizon since Thursday. My phone line is down and I can't make or recieve any calls. I told them Thurday that we needed the phone due to medical problems in our home. Kaylee with her heart and David and I with our asthma. They said they gave it the highest priority and would have it fixed on Friday... well Friday came and went....then they were supposed to come Saturday.... Saturday came and went. I called them with an earful and threatened calling the Public Service Commission. They said they couldn't come now till Monday. What the heck!! How can I be considered priority?? I will be calling again in the morning and will not be happy....hence the saga continues.... LOL.

Well I also heard from Ronnie this morning. I posted his message on the Support Ronnie page. He sounds good and loves all the messages from everyone! Keep them coming!

Talk to you all soon!


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