Thursday, February 3, 2005

Hello. Well it's snowing out right now. We probably won't get much but just enough to make things slippery. Alan just left for work...his night job at UPS. Not too much going on today except for alot of runing around back and forth to school today. Kaylee is feeling much better today and seems to be back to her happy old self. Her tooth looks like it is still a little pushed back. It doesn't seem to be loose but she really won't let me touch it. She said it is still sore but it feels much better than it did. I guess it is time to see the dentist.

Still haven't heard back on how the trip to see Ronnie went. I think they will be back tomorrow. They were talking about taking him to Atlantic City for the day but don't know if they actually did or not.

Well guess thats about all for today...


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