Monday, February 28, 2005

Hello. Well today is another snowy one. We're getting a Noreaster. There calling for 8-12 inches this time around. I tried to go to the supermarket but it was packed and there was no way I was standing on any long lines just to get some beef broth and some meat. I drove all the way to Massapequa to go to a small grocery store by my mom's house. They have much better meat anyways they were busy but not crazy!! People stockpile like there going to be trapped for days. I'm sure things will be cleared up by tomorrow afternoon. Well...the kids just went back to school today after winter break. Guess they will be off again tomorrow.

Friday afternoon my mom and I took the kids to see "Because of Winn-Dixie" it was a cute family movie. We went mainly because my son David read the book in school and really wanted to see it. He was supposed to go last week with some people from school but he ended up sick so he wasn't able to.

Saturday I got up and cleaned and then my father came by and picked up David to go bowing. A grandpa and grandson day. I ended up going shopping with Alan and the girls at Wal-Mart for catfood and some misc stuff. Then we ran to the bakery and went to my moms for dinner. She made pot favorite!! Yum!! My aunt and unlce were there and cousin Eddie. We had a really nice time.

Well I want to get dinner started and finish up some laundry. I just want to realx tonight and watch some tv. Alot of my favorite shows are on. Raymond, Two and a half Men, CSI: Miami, Medium and American Idol....thank god for the DVR.

Talk to you soon!

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