Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Hi, Well today was much warmer than it's been. Finally! I got up early and did some cleaning. Yesterday evening Kaylee fell off the slide in our back yard and hit her mouth. Her poor top left tooth was pushed back a little bit and her mouth is sore. I thought that was what was bothering her when she woke up this morning but she said her tummy was hurting. She ended up vomiting and and having a fever. Poor thing was thirsty but couldn't drink water without thowing up. She just had a mmr shot and the chickenpox shot on Friday so I wonder if that is just a reaction or she really does have a stomach bug. If she's not feeling better tomorrow I will be calling the doctor.

Ronnie (my cousin in the Army) will be deployed on Friday, Feb. 4th. My mom is going with Aunt Frannie, Carol, Kathy, Alan & Ronnie's baby nephew Michael to family day at Fort Dix in New Jersey tomorrow to see him before he is deployed to Kuwait and then onto a town some miles out of Bagdad. My cousin Colleen stopped by today to drop off some stuff for Ronnie -- cards that her boyscout troop made for him to show their support and a nice little care package. I made some brownies that Ronnie had said he liked. I tried mailing some out to him not too long ago but they never made it to Fort Dix at least these will be hand delivered. If anyone who is reading this can just send a short message to Ronnie on his support page, I know he woould appreciate it. He really enjoys hearing from everyone whether he knows your or not! I also posted some pictures that I received of him from out in the field. You can see them by clicking on the picture of the moment.

Well got to go and get the kids dinner and get David ready for religion tonight.


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