Friday, February 25, 2005

Well it's snowing...again. LOL. I can't wait for spring. Right now there's about 5-6 inches out there. It's 2:00 am. and I can't sleep so I am sitting here in bed on my laptop. The nebulizer treatment I took a little while ago it keeping me up with the jitters! Now I have insomnia...whatever!! I can't win. Well at least I am breathing a little easier that's for sure. Alan is still at work at UPS. I'm sure with the snow tonight he won't get home much before 5 am. I hate that he has to work so hard there at night and then has to get up and go work in the store. He seemed so burnt out this week. I think because he really has been trying to help me at night when he gets home since I've been sick.

Well today I spent the day steam cleaning the rug in my living room. I also cleaned my bedroom some more making sure there was no dust to be found which also helps me to breathe better. I also set up the nebulizer so that it is at an arms reach next to my bed which makes it more convenient to take my treatments.

I received some more pictures from Ronnie so I have put those up. They were some pictures I guess he had in his camera that were from when he was first going to Iraq and had a layover in Ireland. He got to stop in one of the pubs for a beer!!

Well guess I should try to get some sleep...maybe I'll write again in the afternoon. Hopefully I will be a little more rested.


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