Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Happy Tuesday everyone. The kids went back to school today after their little break for Easter.

Yesterday David spent the day with his cousin Ashley. I was home all day with Brittany and Kaylee. We stayed in and painted sun catchers. We couldn't go out at all with the horrible rain we had. I hadn't see rain come down like that in a while. Hey all I can say it at least it wasn't snow. Today it's is still a bit cloudy but they promise tomorrow it may hit 58 and be sunny. We shall see. All I know is this weather has really been doing a number on my sinuses and allergies.

Well I have alot to do today...I want to continue on my spring cleaning...next stop Brittany and Kaylee's room.

Here is my Secret Blog Society Meme.

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In the news locally here on Long Island is the high cost of living. It is getting so high that people starting out can't even afford to buy a house. I have a friend who got married a few years ago and is paying rent in the same amount of my mortgage. They can't afford the money for even a starter home at the moment. My husbands friend who just got married moved just after Christmas to Florida because they knew they would never be able to afford a home here. Houses here start now at between $300,000 and $400,000 and that is not for something that big. I myself live in a ranch style home (which by the way is the house my husband has been living in since birth). The taxes here on my home are $7,000 a year which includes school taxes and property tax and they go up more and more each year. Electric is high also. We pay on a budget plan $300+ a month. How the heck do they expect us to meet the monthly mortgage payments along with utility and taxes (which are a joke). I know alot of people who live on Long Island who like ourselves have to work two jobs just to try and keep up. I wish that we could move and try to make a go of it somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, I do love Long Island it is a beautiful place we are just miles from Jones Beach there are alot of nice things to see here. I would hate to leave alot of my family that lives on Long Island and the surrounding area but it is just getting so impossible to keep up. The roof on my house is needing to be changed and with the money we pay out for everything else it is not even in the cards right now for us to do. Alan and I have discussed moving but we own our own business (The Comic Book Depot) which he would have to close or sell and he also has a second job working at UPS which I have to say helped alot. The medical benefits there have been terrific and beat us shelling out $800 a month for that. But if he left there he couldn't transfer his position to somewhere else in the country without losing all his sonority. So that leaves us back at square one again. Just wish we could figure out a better way. Well guess I said enough on that subject. Anyone else have these problems in other parts of the country? I'll get off the soapbox now....

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