Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Monday evening I was misrable with a mingraine headache. Mostly because of my sinuses. God the pressure was horrible. I went to bed very early and just had to sleep it off.
Today I woke up feeling much better! My mom called this morning and we went out to breakfast and then out shopping for the kids for Easter. We picked up some nice stuff. I don't like giving them just candy so we found some great sandles for the girls. If you know my girls they just love shoes!! So I know they will love them. David is older now so since he is into the gaming cards I will get some cards from Alan since we sell all that stuff in our store. Alan was off today so he stayed home and picked up the kids from school today. It was fun just getting out for the day and the weather was great today 50 degrees! I hope the weather stays this way for a while. It really felt like a spring day today!

I know most people have their kids off this whole week for spring recess. For some reason this year, they made it only a Thursday, Friday and Monday holiday for Easter and then in April they have a week off for spring recess I guess for Passover.

Well got to run and get the kids stuff ready for school tomorrow.



  1. Oh you are on the ball with Easter, eh? I still need to get that done. UGH. The painting isnt' a Warren Kimble, but it is just like it. It's signed WEGNER - whoever that is. lol

  2. Hi ya!! Hope your head is feeling better. Nothing worse then a Migraine. Its snowing here today but supposed to be in the 50's by the weekend, I hope. Have a super day! Felicia


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