Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wednesday and today Kaylee was home sick with a fever and a very runny nose. Poor thing her little nose was all red. Tonight her fever finally went down. She's so cuddly when she's sick. This darn cold just keeps running through this house and it's driving me crazy. I even spent today Lysoling and cleaning everything just to help reduce the chance of passing on germs. Alan still even has a cold. I guess the weather isn't helping much one day warm the next day snow and freezing cold. Can't wait to have the sickies out of the house.

I don't know if you remember last month when I wrote. I had told you that I met Leslie Sansone creator of Walk Away the Pounds at her new book signing at Costco in Westbury, L.I. See the picture below. Michelle (my siter on left, Leslie in the center and me on the right)

Well she was very nice and a wonderfully spirited person just the way she is on her tapes/dvd's. I was telling her that my son David enjoys doing the walking dvd's with me and I was hoping to get her new Kid Walk tapes that were out. She told me to give her my son's name and address and she would send him a special package. I thought that was so sweet. Well today it arrived!! Leslie hand wrote a beautiful letter to my son encouraging him to keep exercising and she sent him not only the Kids Walk tape but the Teen Walk tape plus his own hand weights. She also sent me the 4 mile super challenge tape and another tape for my sister who was with me that day "Walk With Me". Here is my son opening up his box of goodies:

He is so excited about exercising now. He is writing a nice thank you note to Leslie. She really made his day today!

I also added some more pictures of my cousin's new baby Nicole. She is so cute. I just love the new picture of her little foot.

Well guess that's all for now. I'm off to take my nebulizer treatment and get to sleep!


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