Friday, March 25, 2005

Well the end of the week is already here. It's also Good Friday. Sunday we will be going to my parents house for Easter as we usually do.

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The kids have been off from school for the past two days for Easter break. They are only off until Monday and then go back on Tuesday. Then in April they have off for a week during Passover. David wasn't thrilled because he usually has off for his birthday which is on March 31st.

Yesterday I spent the day usual. I was trying to clean the places that don't usually get cleaned regularly. Like the tops of windows and doorways, the air vents, tops of pictures hanging on the wall. and curtains. Just trying to find ways of getting rid of the dust that builds up. For some reason this house gets dusty rather quickly. Guess that's because it's an older house since it was built in 1951. Today I plan on working on some laundry. I wish I had two washing machines and dryers. The amount of clothes, towels and whatever else really piles up.

Alan has off for the next week from his night job at UPS. It will be weird having him home at night. I am so used to having time alone when he leaves for work at night. He wanted to take off the week of his birthday. As it turned out David was born on Alan's birthday. March 31st. Don't ask me how I planned that one. Alan always said that was the best gift he ever got for his birthday his son!!

Well got to get movin' and get some things done today! Hugs!!

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