Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Well yesterday we got teased with a nice almost spring like day... Today .... more freakin snow. Ugh!! The funny thing is we were only supposed to get a dusting to an inch. Well there's 4 inches out there right now. My sister Lisa called me she works in Garden City and it took her 2 hours so far just to go 5 miles. She was getting frustrated sitting at a traffic light now 17 times. Wonder what time she'll make it home tonight. Mind you it is usually only a 20 minute ride for here to work.

Well as you can see I also changed my website a little bit. Just needed a little more room in witdh for the webpages.

I also added pictures of my new second cousin Nicole Ann who was born on March 7th. I made a little photo page for her so take a look. She is just adorable.

Well I got to go check on some laundry that hopefully should be done dryin' and I also need to start dinner.


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