Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hello. Today was fun! The kids are off from school this week for spring break so we decided to go to the NY Aquarium in Coney Island, Brooklyn. My mom, sister Michelle, and my neice Ashley went with me and Alan the kids. We got there when it opened at 10 am so is was empty. We saw a sea lion show and the sea lion went to kiss Kaylee but she was afraid so she jumped back so the sea lion kissed Ashley....needless to say Ashely smelled a little fishy for a while. LOL. We stayed at the aquarium till about 2 p.m. and then decided to walk the boardwalk since it is right on the beach. It was quite windy and was starting to get cloudy and a little chilly so we didn't stay too long. It was nice to see the cyclone roller coaster. I really need to go back and give that a whirl sometime. Maybe when it warms up some more. Well anyways we made it back home to Long Island within 25 minutes since we left before rush hour. We stopped at the deli on the way home and got some cold cuts and went back to my house and had a late lunch then the kids went out in the yard and played for the rest of the afternoon. Hopefully they are exhaused enough to fall asleep early tonight....ahhh wishful thinking. I will get pictures up either later tonight or tomorrow.

Also, I weighed in again at Weight Watchers tonight and I am down another 3lbs. I feel good about it and am doing the happy dance. I have been really trying very hard. Though I have to say I have had more energy.

I also posted some new pictures over the past few days. You can find them in the photo album they are from a lunch at my cousins house a few weeks ago and my neice Ashley's soccer game.

There are also new pictures in Ronnie's album from Iraq. If you have a chance take a look!

Well off to get the kids to bed...talk to you all soon!


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Well after a couple of days of rain today was just beautiful. Alan had to work though and David spent the night at his Nana and Pop-Pop's house. So I figured I would try to go and buy sneakers for me and the girls. We were all over. We went to Roosevelt Field Mall, then the Source Mall and then Broadway Mall. We went so many places because I found a pair of walking sneakers by Ryka that I really liked in Lady Footlocker ... My old Reeboks had it ... but I coulnd't find them in my size 7. So finally the last place I went...Broadway Mall had them!! Brittany and Kaylee found a cute pair of sneakers.

Well I got home around 3:00 and put on a roast chicken with baked potatoes and broccoli. Then I decided to do a 2 mile walk while I was waiting for it to cook. Whew...that helped me to down alot of water. While I was working out Brittany and Kaylee went in the yard and played.

It's now 5:40 and Alan actually just got home but decided to go and pull some weeds out front before dinner. So hopefully we'll eat soon before that chicken gets cold. Not too much else going on.


Monday, April 18, 2005

Hi. What another beautiful day. We haven't had rain in a little over a week now. Just sunny skys...wonder how long that will last!

Today was back to school after the weeknend. The kids only have 4 more days of school and then they are off for their spring break the week of April 25th. I am hoping to do some things with them. I would like to take them to the Cradle of Aviation here on Long Island in Garden City. They have IMAX movies and alot of things on space. My son David was there once already and loved it. I'm sure the girls will too. Alan is also trying to get a couple of days off from work so we can all go.

My weightloss journey is doing well so far. I just finished doing a 2 mile walk with the WATP DVD (Walk Away The Pounds). Whew...am I hot!! I downed 2 16oz bottles of water though! Well it is also the end of the first week on Weight Watcher's Flex Plan and I have lost 8lbs as of this evening. I know I won't be losing like that every week but it is nice to see some of that weigh disappear so quickly. Now the first week I did on my own. Tomorrow I am signing up at the local Weight Watchers so that I can go to meetings once a week and be weighed in weekly. I think it will help in the long run rather than to just do it by myself. I always felt pumped up after a meeting.

Well I am off to take a much needed shower and watch some shows I DVR'd tonight. Wonder if I'll be watching repeats.

Talk to you tomorrow! Hugs!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hello All!

I know... I've been MIA for the past week. There was just alot going on. Everyday I was busy with something or another. Then came tax time. I spent the whole day on the 14th doing taxes for both personal and the business! I was just mentally exhausted.

This week I also started back on Weight Watchers. I am finally motivated to do it. I tried the low carb diets but I can't be that strict with myself. Weight Watchers allows me to eat what I want so long as I have the points for it. So far this is my 5th day and I am down 6lbs. Tuesday is my next official weigh in so I'll see how it goes. I have a ways to go. I may add another page on my site to track my progress when I have time. I have also just started doing my Walk Away the Pounds (WATP) DVD's I really enjoy doing them. I've walked 3 miles so far this week.

Today was just beautiful outside. It got up to the low 70's today!! I spent the afternoon in the yard with the kids trying to straighten it up from winter and then washed and waxed my car. Alan worked all day and just came home he is outside doing some pruning. The landscaper will be coming this week for my spring cleanup and regular maintenance.

Well I am off to go and grill some chicken on the bbq for dinner.

Talk to you soon! Hugs!

Friday, April 8, 2005

Well thank god it's Firday! Last night it rained and this morning since everything is drying up and the sun is now out I am sneezing like crazy. Yes the wonderful spring allergies are here. Alan took a personal day from work tonight so we are going to see if we can go out tonight maybe to a movie or dinner.

Tomorrow night I am going to a PartyLite (candle party) at my cousins new home in Deer Park. I love candles I am burning them all the time. A great candle place I like that has super great scented candles is Our Own Candle Company. I found them at a street fair and bought some and I have bought many more.

Well, I've been working on the laundry this morning but I would like to get out today and enjoy the day some. Maybe do a little walking. So I am going to run and get some things done before Brittany has to go to school.

Have a great day

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Well the past two days have been sunny and beautiful here! Finally!!

Yesterday I was helping David with a school project for his literature class on the people who lived through the holocaust during WWII. He interviewed Alan's cousin Blanche who lives in Palm Coast, FL and was born in 1921. She was so sweet to sit on the phone with David for over an hour telling him all about what it was like and how her husband served in WWII. She sent David, a little over a year ago after her husband passed away, all of her husbands medals and even his bronze star along with lots of pictures he took. We even have one of Bob Hope when he visited the troops back then. She told David to bring that in along with the interview just as a little something extra to share so he did that today. I think he has a much better understanding of that photo album and those medals and now knows how important they are and are more meaningful for him.

Yesterday, I also went through some clothes trying to do some of the goals I set for myself during the week. I made a half of a bag so far and hope to finish it up today or tomorrow. I also decided to bake chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Wasn't planning on it but my sister Michelle had stopped by and then she had borrowed some butter and brown sugar because she wanted to bake cookies she said. I don't know when she left it just made me want to bake too. Like the last thing I need is a cookie! I really want to work on improving myself with my weight. With the warmer weather coming I would like to know that I can wear a pair of shorts without feeling fat! Now that the weather is getting warmer I think I am going to try to make it a point to go to either the school track or to Jones Beach and walk the boardwalk. I also want to start doing my Leslie Sansone tapes. I just have to get moving.

Well got to get Brittany off to school in a little bit. Today is my nutty day running back and forth with everyone with their different school hours. David also has religion this evening. I am sure they will be discussing the passing of Pope John Paul II.

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This Afternoon
Sun mixed with some clouds
Mild with temps 60-65 F
PM Sea Breeze
Winds S 5-15 MPH
Partly Cloudy
Drizzle and Fog developing with temps 40-45 F
Winds S/E 10 MPH

Talk to you soon! Hugs!

Monday, April 4, 2005

Here I am!! Sorry I wasn't really on the past 4 days. I was just doing so much running around. I hate being that busy. Alan and David had nice birthday's. I took Alan out to dinner on Wednesday night to an Italian restaurant that we both love Vincent's. They have really great sauce which they sell too. I always use it. Their main resturant is in Little Italy in Manhattan. Thursday we went out to dinner for David with my parents. David wanted Pizza Hut. He just loves the breadsticks!

After dinner we stopped at FYE music store because I wanted to pick up Alan a new DVD Rack. I can't believe we filled one up already. Well as I was walking into the store I saw something on the ground it was a man's wallet with a $20 bill that just flew out of the wallet and started to blow away. I quickly picked up the wallet and then ran after the $20 bill and caught it. There had to be about 500 in cash in that wallet....looked like someone just got paid along with credit cards and his bank cards and his monthly train ticket for the Long Island Rail Road to Manhattan. Well....of course I didn't keep it and walk away I could never do that to someone I know what it's like to lose a wallet. Did that at Universal Studios in FL I left my whole pocketbook on the Dr. Suess ride thankfully someone turned it in and every penny was there....well anyways I went into the store and asked if anyone matching the the name on the drivers license was in the store. The manager actually said he had just left....which is when he dropped his wallet. I tried calling information to see if there was a phone number for this guy but no luck...hint...always put your phone number in your wallet just in case. Well I really didn't want to take the responsibility for the wallet so the manager said she would put it in the safe since maybe he would start to backtrack when he realized he lost it. Then just as I was leaving the store I saw a guy pull up quite quickly and erractically so I asked him if his name was Joseph and he said yes. I said I found your wallet in the street. He said thanks and just walked into the store. My mom was with me and she was even a little surprised that he wasn't just a little more grateful and frankly I guess I was too but I guess you don't always get the responses you expect. I am just glad I did the right thing and turned it in. I know that there is alot of people who wouldn't do that.

Friday, I woke up early took David and Brittany to school and then went out to breakfast at IHOP with Alan my mom and Kaylee. I also spent the day cleaning and then Alan and I went up to school to meet with Brittany's kindergarten teacher to see how she is doing so far. Brittany is still struggling with her writing but she will move on to 1st grade next fall. She just may need to be pulled out for extra help. Not the worst thing in the world. Friday night I went and did some food shopping.

Saturday Alan took David and a couple of his friends out bowling for his birthday and then out to Friendly's. Then when they came back to the house I was just finishing up doing some cleaning and had dinner baking in the oven. I had my parents, sisters, niece and a friend over for dinner. I made a turkey. Later on we had a carvel ice-cream cake. Alan got a few gift certificates and David got an Apple Ipod mini. He really liked it alot. It holds 1000 songs. I have to show him how to download music now. He also got a video game and a gift certificate for best buy and blockbuster. I say he made out pretty well. They both did.

Yesterday I spent the day just relaxing. It was crummy weather so we stayed in. Alan had to work in the store. After he closed the store he went out to his friends house to watch Wrestlemania. His friends even got him a birthday cake and a gift certificate to best buy. He was surprised and happy that they did that for him.

Well guess that's about it. Today I am just doing the regular school and back thing and catching up on some much needed laundry. Hugs!!

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Question: Name 3 goals you wish to accomplish through out the week.

Finish up the laundry
Get the wall border up in my computer room
Try to make a bag of clothes to donate


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