Monday, April 18, 2005

Hi. What another beautiful day. We haven't had rain in a little over a week now. Just sunny skys...wonder how long that will last!

Today was back to school after the weeknend. The kids only have 4 more days of school and then they are off for their spring break the week of April 25th. I am hoping to do some things with them. I would like to take them to the Cradle of Aviation here on Long Island in Garden City. They have IMAX movies and alot of things on space. My son David was there once already and loved it. I'm sure the girls will too. Alan is also trying to get a couple of days off from work so we can all go.

My weightloss journey is doing well so far. I just finished doing a 2 mile walk with the WATP DVD (Walk Away The Pounds). I hot!! I downed 2 16oz bottles of water though! Well it is also the end of the first week on Weight Watcher's Flex Plan and I have lost 8lbs as of this evening. I know I won't be losing like that every week but it is nice to see some of that weigh disappear so quickly. Now the first week I did on my own. Tomorrow I am signing up at the local Weight Watchers so that I can go to meetings once a week and be weighed in weekly. I think it will help in the long run rather than to just do it by myself. I always felt pumped up after a meeting.

Well I am off to take a much needed shower and watch some shows I DVR'd tonight. Wonder if I'll be watching repeats.

Talk to you tomorrow! Hugs!

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