Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Well the past two days have been sunny and beautiful here! Finally!!

Yesterday I was helping David with a school project for his literature class on the people who lived through the holocaust during WWII. He interviewed Alan's cousin Blanche who lives in Palm Coast, FL and was born in 1921. She was so sweet to sit on the phone with David for over an hour telling him all about what it was like and how her husband served in WWII. She sent David, a little over a year ago after her husband passed away, all of her husbands medals and even his bronze star along with lots of pictures he took. We even have one of Bob Hope when he visited the troops back then. She told David to bring that in along with the interview just as a little something extra to share so he did that today. I think he has a much better understanding of that photo album and those medals and now knows how important they are and are more meaningful for him.

Yesterday, I also went through some clothes trying to do some of the goals I set for myself during the week. I made a half of a bag so far and hope to finish it up today or tomorrow. I also decided to bake chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Wasn't planning on it but my sister Michelle had stopped by and then she had borrowed some butter and brown sugar because she wanted to bake cookies she said. I don't know when she left it just made me want to bake too. Like the last thing I need is a cookie! I really want to work on improving myself with my weight. With the warmer weather coming I would like to know that I can wear a pair of shorts without feeling fat! Now that the weather is getting warmer I think I am going to try to make it a point to go to either the school track or to Jones Beach and walk the boardwalk. I also want to start doing my Leslie Sansone tapes. I just have to get moving.

Well got to get Brittany off to school in a little bit. Today is my nutty day running back and forth with everyone with their different school hours. David also has religion this evening. I am sure they will be discussing the passing of Pope John Paul II.

Here is my meme for the Secret Blog Society

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Today's weather is from our local News12 Long Island station
This Afternoon
Sun mixed with some clouds
Mild with temps 60-65 F
PM Sea Breeze
Winds S 5-15 MPH
Partly Cloudy
Drizzle and Fog developing with temps 40-45 F
Winds S/E 10 MPH

Talk to you soon! Hugs!

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