Friday, April 8, 2005

Well thank god it's Firday! Last night it rained and this morning since everything is drying up and the sun is now out I am sneezing like crazy. Yes the wonderful spring allergies are here. Alan took a personal day from work tonight so we are going to see if we can go out tonight maybe to a movie or dinner.

Tomorrow night I am going to a PartyLite (candle party) at my cousins new home in Deer Park. I love candles I am burning them all the time. A great candle place I like that has super great scented candles is Our Own Candle Company. I found them at a street fair and bought some and I have bought many more.

Well, I've been working on the laundry this morning but I would like to get out today and enjoy the day some. Maybe do a little walking. So I am going to run and get some things done before Brittany has to go to school.

Have a great day

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