Thursday, May 26, 2005

Happy 14th Anniversay to Alan and I!!
It's raining again for 3rd day in a row!! Where's the sun??

Today we are just going to go out for a nice lunch and then tomorrow we will be going out to Milleridge Inn . I love that place and their Yankee Pot roast is my favorite....Yum!

Yesterday I went for my MRI. I hope everything went well. I started to get a headache again afterwards and by the evening it just became worse so I took what the doctor prescribed for me Relpax. It made me sleepy so I ended up in be by 9 p.m. and slept straight through till 7:30 the next morning when I had to get up to take David to school. I can't remember when I slept that long or went to bed that early.

Alan has been home from UPS for the past few nights. His back went out...again. He's not sure if he did it while digging out the circle in the yard for the pool we're putting in or if he did it while at work. Who knows may it was a combination of the two. He took a Vicodin for the pain but he said it really wasn't doing to much to help. He tossed and turned alot last night so I hope he wakes up feeling a little better today.

I missed American Idol last night but I heard Carrie won. I was hoping Bo would win but I am sure he will do well anyways.

I have also been working on our store website. We don't sell anything on it yet so it is mostly information, events, store hours, etc. Check it out if you'd like The Comic Book Depot .

Well got to run and get Brittany ready she has to leave for school in 20 minutes. Hugs!!

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