Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Happy Hump Day!

Well today I went to the doctor (see yesterday's post). Well it seems I have an infection in my lymph node. So I was put on a one a day antibiotic for the next 7 days to hopefully clear it up. As for my headaches I was put on a migraine medication if they flare up. So it will be better than popping 10 aspirins a day ... I surely don't need a hole in my stomach either. The doctor also wants me to go for an MRI of my head just to rule out any other problems. Let me say it better come back normal. She also took blood and will have the results back in a few days. I have another appointment to go back on June 1st for an EKG and a full workup. I haven't had a good physical in a a long while. LOL.

My mom came to watch the girls while I was out at the doctor so when I got home we went and dropped Kaylee off for her pre-k class. This is her last week. Then we went to the diner for lunch. After we went to a couple of garden centers. I was looking for hanging plants this time. I found some really nice ones really big and full and my mom got a couple of more flats of petunias and a hanging plant too.

Well I'm gonna run. David keeps asking me to take him to blockbuster to get something.

Talk to you soon! Hugs and thanks again for the well wishes!!

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