Monday, May 16, 2005

Hello and Happy Monday!!

Today we had our new roof put on. I think it came out really nice. My house doesn't look so dark now and now I can look at it without looking at the falling tiles. Here is a before and after shot. I took it while sitting in my car from the parking lot accross the street from our house so it's a little on an angle.

:: Before :: This Morning ::

:: After :: This Afternoon ::
Well thankfully that is all done now. I have been listening to banging since 7:30 am. It's so quiet now!! Ahhh. Anyways....The candle party that I went to yesterday was good. I bought some more candles ...but of course. Like I really nead another. LOL. Guess that's about all for today. Looking forward to watching the season finale of Everyone Loves Raymond tonight. In fact, I'd better go set the DVR just in case.
Talk to you soon! Hugs!!

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