Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hello. Well our anniversary was least the beginning of the day was. We were able to go out for a nice lunch together on Thursday...we were only gone for about an hour and a half then when we got home Alan went to the basement and yelled upstairs to me that our water heater was leaking and that the basement was flooding. Thankfully the water only flooded under our basment stairs and Alan's workroom. It never touched any of the finished part of the basement. I swear never a dull moment. We had to have the boiler guy come so that was a few bucks. It turns out that our valve went. I spent the next 6 hours cleaning up the water and emptying the boxes that were under the stairs filled with an inch of water. Not very romantic...huh....LoL. Friday we made up for it though and were able to go out for a nice dinner at Milleridge Inn.

Saturday we had my cousin Kathy and her husband Alan and son Michael come over. Alan (Kathy's husband) was coming to help my husband finish leveling the pool and put the pool up. The leveling went well....30 bags of sand later. Then they put up the pool. The weather started to get bad...very cloudy and windy. Well when they were about 90% done with the pool they realized that they used the wrong brackets on the bottom of the pool . Of course....they had to disassemble the whole thing. I felt so bad for them. They worked so hard and then had to take it down. Total bummer. They would of tried again but the weather at that point was so bad and the wind had picked up quite a bit...way to hard and it started raining. So tomorrow we are are going to give it a whirl. Hopefully it will be much easier. At least they were able to complete the hard part by leveling and building up the ground with sand.

Today I am pretty much relaxing and the kids are out in the yard enjoying the sand for one more day. They have their own mini beach to play with. My neice Ashley stayed the night. Her mom (my sister Lisa) is home with a nasty cold so at least it gives her a chance to relax a bit. She will probably stay the night again since her mom is coming here tomorrow.

So far it's been pretty crazy...and I wonder why I get much stress!! Well I go to the doctor on Wednesday for my physical and results of my bloodwork and MRI of my head. Hopefully all is well. I don't really feel to worried. I think it will all be fine.

Alan's back is still really bothering him. Now how do you get your husband to go to the doctor. He just doesn't want to go. Men are so thick.

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend. Hugs!!

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