Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hello...It's a beautiful and sunny day today and nice and warm. Well just got back from dropping David off at school after the long holiday weekend. Just 15 more days of school for him. Brittany goes till the 24th of June.

I just posted another picture that I received of Ronnie and a buddy of his from Iraq. I posted it under the picture of the moment but it is also under Ronnie's Photos. If you have a chance post him a message on his support page. Whether you know him or not he loves getting messages!!

Yesterday was busy. My dad and sister (who is now feeling much better) came over to help Alan and I at getting our pool up for the second time. We worked so hard but I have to say using the right tracks on the bottom sure made a big difference! We used the tracks from the top of the pool last time on the bottom. Call us a couple of knuckle heads...LOL! Alan and my dad worked so hard. I did what I could to help. Anyways...everything looks great. The pool is up. We even filled it half way the first day like the directions said. I will fill it the rest of the way today. I just have to run out later today and get some more chemicals and my solar cover which should be in (was on backorder).

Tonight I have weight watchers. I have to say I haven't been really on target with that. I have maintained what I lost so far but that's about it. I really have to get on the ball again. This is a new week! My mom usually goes with me she lost alot of weight so far too and is looking teriffic. My sister Michelle just called me last night and wants to join. Hey the more the merrier. Makes it more fun and easier to do when just about the whole family is on it!

Tomorrow I go for my physical and then get my MRI results. So I will let you know how I make out. I've been doing pretty good the past few days with no headaches....nock wood... so we shall see.

Have a great day!! Hugs!!

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